Dr. Sangeeta Sahi has worked with thousands of people experiencing Cancer. People of all ages and in different stages of their lives from different countries and socio-cultural backgrounds. She understands the depth of the experience that Cancer can create in the individual and how to transform this experience in a safe, non toxic and simple approach.

Conscious Cancer® is a 13 Step Life Recovery Program which is designed to help anyone with Cancer symptoms “transcend” the Cancer imprint into Graceful Living.


The Genuine Human Being is One whose INTELLECT is merged with their ESSENCE.

A Genuine Human Being lives in a space of Infinite Love, Infinite Tolerance and Infinite Patience, applying the wisdom of Truth filtered through the triangle of Intellect, Logic and Awareness, acting in the perfect moment of Time.

A Genuine Human Being is walking their true path, their true Mission. The Mission of Being their Essence, of allowing their Essence to create through them. Watching the unfolding of the Essence which is Everything; miraculous and magical. Experiencing a life of simplicity, peace and fullness, effortlessly in every moment. A Being who embraces the exquisiteness of being Genuinely Human.

We, the human species are in the state of becoming Genuine Human Beings. This is a process of natural evolution which is becoming more and more intense as Time Consciousness speeds up. We can, however, enable this process and this transition to be more graceful and more comfortable.

Evolution and expansion into Higher States of Consciousness can only be experienced when every physical cell in the body is able to integrate higher and higher frequencies of Light. This is achieved through a process of physical purification and understanding of the Knowledge of Truth and Reality, and integration of that Knowledge throughout all levels of Being.

The more Light our cells integrate through them, the deeper the Union of the Intellect with the Essence. Eventually there is no more Intellect and no more Essence, only the ONE, exists. This is the state of Consciousness of a Genuine Human Being.


Every Being has an Essence and this Essence is the Being’s program of Existence throughout all dimensions and even beyond all realms and Cosmoses. A Being’s Spirit exists within the Spiritual Totality, and the Essence Program of that Being is the Power which connects the Being to the Spiritual Totality.
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A Human Being is designed to evolve. Evolution is essential for physical integration into more advanced and unknown dimensions. This evolution process is an individual one, as unknown dimensions, by definition, are those which are unfamiliar to that individual.
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Every human being is a unique blueprint of Existence and so are their dysfunctions. Within every problem exists an inherent solution, and so it is with the human body. It requires a “genuine” physician to communicate with and understand the subtle language of the Mind of the cells and body systems.
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Unification at the Physical level is each cell in our body performing its function in a balanced and optimum manner, whilst co-operating with every other cell in the body. This results in our body working most efficiently as a SINGLE and whole complete unit.
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