In this post-pandemic world, you deserve to become the best possible version of yourself – let’s work together to help you achieve that.

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Dr. Sangeeta Sahi - M.D., MBA

My Journey

My life’s journey has taken me across this incredible planet, first, as a medical doctor and a scientist, and then as a humanistic visionary facilitator. I have been immersed in ancient, universal principles, and scientific, technological knowledge. It is the integration of both these paths, through the physical distillation of intense spiritual experiences with modern knowledge, that led me to create the Genuine Human Being Process®.

Dr. Sangeeta Sahi is an Integrative Medical Doctor, Longevity Consultant, Health and Business Mentor, Sustainability Expert and Documentary Filmmaker.
(MD, Whipps Cross Hospital, London, UK / MBA, ESSEC, Paris, France)

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The Genuine Human Being Process

The objective of the Genuine Human Being Process® is physical integration and continuous cellular regeneration, using a multidisciplinary and whole systems approach. In a dynamically changing post-pandemic world, this is an essential process to adapt, upgrade and function as the best possible version of yourself.

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Designed using the Genuine Human Being Process as a blueprint, two of my programs offer you more contextualized help

Mentorship Program for Genuine Leaders
Conscious Cancer® Program

Mentorship Program for Genuine Leaders

Being a leader in today’s dynamically evolving world requires a clear alignment of goals, skills, talent, and wholesome qualities – joy, compassion, contribution and continuous creativity, as you adapt to the changes all around and within you. In short, being a leader requires Dynamic Reinvention.  And proper integration of these facets results in bringing out your unique and greatest potential – leading to authentic and consistent success.

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Conscious Cancer® Program

Conscious Cancer® program is a 13-Step Life Recovery Program for people experiencing cancer and immune system imbalances. This is an audio based online program which can be used individually or in a group setting. I can also be available as an individual or a group facilitator for focussed and quicker results from the use of the program.

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The people I worked with

I’m the CEO of one of Boston’s fastest-growing companies. Before I began working with Dr. Sahi, I was working hard for long hours (close to 100 hours per week). That’s what I believed running a startup demanded of me. This has since changed after working with Dr. Sahi for the past 3 months. Now, what used to take me 1 hour to do… takes me 20 minutes. I have so much clarity about my life. My work has changed, my health has changed, my daily habits keep improving, how I interact with others is insightful and meaningful now… and the list goes on and on. I have also been “miraculously” attracting things into my life seamlessly. Things that I would push myself to do, I seem to be pulled to do them now without stress or force. I have patience and awareness in many situations that I would not have had previously.

Walid Halty, Boston, USA, Your Content Goes Here

My body was tense, I was agitated most of the time and I was not showing enough attention to myself and my surroundings. The “cancer” was controlling my life. I have known Sangeeta for a long time, and as soon as I saw her work about Conscious Cancer on Facebook I decided to contact her. She is such a pure soul and energy body. We had a chat about my life and her life for the last 6 years. In our first session, I immediately felt the change in my whole body. It was as if I was charged from the universe, from the Source with positive and full-filling energy and it was as if the connection was rebuilt. It really is very hard to explain as the experiences would be very unique to each individual, but what I can clearly say is that I was not happy at all, and right after one session I was full of joy.

R.B., Istanbul, Turkey, Your Content Goes Here

Dr. Sahi is gifted at elucidating and addressing the underlying drivers behind life’s challenges and stages. She is very simple to work with, and in her simplicity lies the real jewel of her mentorship and guidance. After 3 months, my relationships, mindset, connection to; myself, family, friends, work, possibility, and the universe is fundamentally different (in a great way). I did not realize the impact of my actions, and the rabbit hole I was in until I started working with her. Now, my life simply flows.

Adeyemi Adeyosoye, London, United Kingdom, Your Content Goes Here

I can’t recall a single instance when just speaking to her did not heal me completely at all levels. The best part is that when you start understanding the conflicts within, then it’s released and there is a transformation in the cellular structure within the body. The body begins to heal and it shows you enough ways in which it is releasing the unnecessary stuff. Like you may find yourself crying a lot, increase in pain in your body, fluctuation in blood pressure, a desire to live in your authentic self, and much much more.

B.K., Kuwait, Your Content Goes Here

Dr. Sangeeta encouraged me to embrace my whole authentic self. She patiently and methodically helped me through the process of opening the flood gates of a lifetime of repressed negative emotions. She shared her light with me while I navigated through my own darkness. Together, we healed old wounds and restored the balance in my life. With her guidance and encouragement, I was able to transition to my next stage of enlightenment, renew my enthusiasm for my work and live my life authentically and fully. Thankfully, I was working with Dr. Sangeeta while myself and members of my family contracted COVID-19. Sangeeta was able to work with us to embrace Ayurvedic therapies and to keep our stress levels to a minimum as our bodies struggled with the deadly virus. All of us have recovered.

Nicole Connors, Spokane, USA, Your Content Goes Here

I do not have cancer, however, the program is suitable for anyone who wishes to have a greater understanding and conscious awareness of themselves at every level ~~ physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Dr. Sahi leads you through a 13 Step self-paced program, where one step gently leads you to the next and on to completion of the program. Dr. Sahi shares so much of her knowledge and wisdom, with many very easy-to-follow tools for practicing as you choose. For me, at the completion of the course, I was aware of many subtle changes in my understanding of life, the Universe and in particular my part in it all, together with a resounding sense of peace and overall well-being.

Lea, Australia, Your Content Goes Here