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Conscious Cancer® Program

Watch this video to understand how coherent connections with different parts of ourselves are vital for thriving.

The Conscious Cancer® program is a simple 13-step program based on universal laws and mechanisms, with the foundation of Love and Joy, defining the Genuine Human Being. It is designed to upgrade your physical, emotional, and mental aspects together, giving your life clarity, meaning, prosperity and fulfillment, gracefully and effortlessly, and speedily. The steps are defined, explained and easy to follow, with self development tools you can use individually or within a group.

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About Dr. Sangeeta Sahi

My life’s journey has taken me across this incredible planet, we call Home, first, as a medical doctor and a scientist, and then as a humanistic visionary teacher.

On this journey, I have been immersed in traditional, universal knowledge, and scientific, technological knowledge. During the integration of both these paths, I’ve had intense physical and spiritual experiences and have realised there is only ONE, single path.

The path of the Genuine Human Being, in service to Humanity.

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