Hello my dear friends,
Ancient knowledge says soul groups incarnate together, sometimes over and over, to help each other grow and evolve continuously.

I watch my parents interacting with their grandchildren and always wonder why they behave so differently with them, than they did with their own children?

I remembered how I was with my grandparents when they were alive. It was easy, comfortable, safe being around them. I remember I could tell my grandmother things I would never share with my parents, I knew she wouldn’t judge me or even tell me what to do.
She would just listen, maybe cajole and distract my attention from things she didn’t feel were appropriate, and direct me to things she felt were acceptable.

Does kindness come with age? Does kindness come with experience?
Does kindness come with acceptance? It’s probably all of the above and more…

Young children are, generally speaking, more accepting, more forgiving than older ones.
Biochemically, we’ve found, healthy babies and young children have body fluids which are more alkaline, than their older counterparts. Babies are born with highly alkaline bodies.

We know the foods we eat and drink affect our physical cells immediately, but what about our thoughts?

Thoughts can be classified as acidic and alkali and the whole range in between, too.

Highly acidic thoughts have a corrosive effect and will maintain an acidic atmosphere in our cells.
Stress creates more acid, an ulcer is a good example.
Stressful thoughts accelerate cellular aging.
When our cells are unable to metabolise toxic waste products as quickly as these toxins are being produced, it leads to a build up of cellular waste, resulting in an acidic environment.

A continuous cellular acidic environment delays and impairs efficient cell functioning, and we age!

Peace and calm, allows our cells to “catch up”, it gives them time and space and energy to clear out the toxins faster than they are being metabolised.

A peaceful state of mind, allows us to maintain our cells in a more balanced acid/alkali medium.

If you or someone you know would like support with corrosive thoughts and biochemistry, contact me at drsangeetasahi@gmail.com.
I know some wonderful homeopathic remedies that can resolve “old wounds” painlessly.

This is the first in a series of newsletters I’m writing about aging and reversing the aging process in the mind/body complex.
Look out for the next instalment.

Here’s to our increasing joy and health!

Dr Sangeeta Sahi