Hello my dear friends,
The key for Living Life, real Life, the real Living of real Life, is Balance.
We all know this intellectually, we read it and hear it everywhere these days.
But what does Balance really mean?

Ancient Medicine technologies have always taught that the Heart is the centre of human life.
It is the emperor of the other organs, potentially capable of wise, discerning direction.
The heart is where spiritual energy “filters and processes”.
It is here that data from our lived experiences is “cooked”, metabolised and, eventually, distributed to every other organ in our bodies.
Our brains act as storage and receiving units.
It’s our Hearts that are our Master Trainers and Gurus.
In order to function efficiently our hearts need to prepare.
Preparation means active peace, active stillness.

Many of us, find this doing-being, active stillness paradigm a paradox.
It’s only a paradox for a mind functioning in a linear capacity.
Our bodies are more sophisticated than our linearly processing minds.
How so?
Our bodies automatically breathe in, rest, breathe out.
Our bodies eat when they are hungry, assimilate, and eliminate, naturally.
Surely, the easiest way for our minds to be-do is to follow the natural principles of our bodies?
Activity must be followed by stillness, physical activity by physical stillness, mental activity by mental stillness.

What impedes us from following this path of least resistance?

The Wise Ones, suggest that Desire keeps the mind constantly active and striving.
In my understanding, it is the marriage of fear-desire which keeps us on the never ending treadmill of unconscious imbalance.

Desire is desirous to activate change.
Commitment allows us to accept and act on the required changes.
Joy allows change to be gradual, solid and unifying.
This triangle of Desire-Commitment-Joy unifies us with change, a change based on integrity.

All material expressions of our lives originate in the less dense realms, where inspirations and thoughts move and interact freely.
Therefore, it’s up to us, which thoughts and inspirations we choose to catch and follow.
This choice is not, as most of us believe, dependent upon our free wills.
No! It’s actually dependent upon how conscious and aware we are!
Conscious of ourselves, and conscious of our environments.
What do we need from our environments and what does our environment need from us?
How can we co-exist in a way which is mutually surviving and thriving?

This is Balance. This is the secret of a sustainably thriving life.

If you or anyone you know need a helping hand with balance and change, contact me at drsangeetasahi@gmail.com.

Share this with all your friends.
Let’s thrive in balance together!

Here’s to our increasing joy and vitality!

Dr Sangeeta Sahi