Artisanal Tours

Travelling to new and unknown places in the world is the easiest and the most fulfilling way to learn about our history, culture, and our origins.

Whenever I travel I connect with people who have different lifestyles and beliefs to my own. Meeting them allows me to awaken unknown parts within myself. I realise that within our differences exist our similarities. I realise that Life, itself, binds us together.
I become authentic, genuine and more and more human!

I wanted to share my deep love of the life and origins of artisans and their creations with everyone, so I created this luxury artisan tour.
This is a once in a lifetime experience of, meeting, and learning from these unique artisans of Rajasthan, whilst experiencing the sumptuous luxury of staying in palace hotels.
This short video was created to give you a few glimpses into the culture, history, environment and the world of the artisans in Rajasthan. It’s a texture of India’s magnificent and eternal heritage.

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