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Body of Manifestation 3 : Balance

Hello my dear friends, Our planet is changing. The consequences of this change are hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis. We call these natural disasters, I call them growing pains. Our bodies go through the same processes as we grow. I'm sure all of you with children know this- each stage of development, from baby hood to maturity [...]

Body of Manifestation 2

Hello my dear friends, One of the most powerful forces associated with good health and healing in general, is social genomics. What is social genomics? Simply put, social genomics is how everyday life circumstances influence human gene expression. And one of the most important factors associated with thriving is our social groups. Who are the social [...]

Body of Manifestation 1

Hello my dear friends, The Ancients clarified that our Universe exists within Us. Our external reality is a reflection of our Inner Workings. Our outer reflects back to us our inner balances and our inner distortions. Honest self awareness allows us to see and understand exactly what's going on inside us at every moment, through [...]

You are what you eat. Are you?

Hello my dear friends, This week I've had several discussions with different groups of people separately about the food we eat and how it affects our lives. The groups consisted of nutritionists, doctors, therapists, and artists, so a mixed group. Across the board, everyone was convinced that the food we eat affects our health and [...]

Acidly Aging 3

Hello my dear friends, The key for Living Life, real Life, the real Living of real Life, is Balance. We all know this intellectually, we read it and hear it everywhere these days. But what does Balance really mean? Ancient Medicine technologies have always taught that the Heart is the centre of human life. It is [...]

Acidly Aging 2

Hello my dear friends, We've been experiencing subtle but penetrating energy shifts since the beginning of this year. I felt the urge for a simple cellular decluttering, so I decided to drink a scoop of psyllium husks dissolved in a large glass of water every day until the end of August. Since psyllium fiber is a soluble [...]

Acidly Aging 1

Hello my dear friends, Ancient knowledge says soul groups incarnate together, sometimes over and over, to help each other grow and evolve continuously. I watch my parents interacting with their grandchildren and always wonder why they behave so differently with them, than they did with their own children? I remembered how I was with my [...]

Fast Forward through Forgiveness

Hello my dear friends, Today, I'm revisiting our good old friend, Forgiveness! Every single imbalance or disease that we, or our pets and animals experience can be cured, (and I use this word, consciously). Nature has provided herbs, foods, solutions, for every tiny problem we may encounter. Treating people with Cancer and autoimmune system problems, [...]

Emotional Inflammation

Hello dear friends, Emotional Inflammation Why are more and more people focussing on emotions as a trigger for physical disease? Is there a scientific basis for this trend? Yes there is- Inflammation! Inflammation, as it's name suggests is a "fiery" process which our cells consciously undertake to neutralise toxins, prevent further infections (literally by creating [...]

Gratitude and Grace

Hello my dear friends, Today is a day of sincere thanksgiving and gratitude. According to Vedic teachings and Eastern schools, today is Gurupurnima. This one day in the year, is dedicated to thanking our Teachers and Gurus for their generosity of Spirit and the knowledge and experiences they share with us. Today I acknowledge my [...]


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