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Our Mind’s Secret

Hello my dear friends, My work has been deeply influenced by the teachings and discoveries of Sri Aurobindo and his spiritual partner, Mira Alfassa. They discovered the workings of the human mind, from the basic automatic mind, up to the complex workings of the universal mind. Sri Aurobindo and Mira Alfassa, aka the Mother, dissected [...]

Watery Thoughts

Hello my dear friends, One of the speakers at a conference I recently attended reminded me about the vital importance of Water. Most of us are aware, that we need to drink at least a litre and a half of healthily sourced water every day. I believe most of us follow that rule, to keep [...]


Feelings seem elusive for everyone. In truth, they are sub atomic particles of energy. Feelings are connected with thoughts and thoughts are connected with memories. Memories are stored within our complex mind system, and depending upon the memories that we most connect with, will be the thoughts and feelings that surface.Everyone has a store of pleasant [...]

Change of Life

I began my journey, as many of us do, to "change the world" I lived in. It began with becoming a physician and helping people understand how their own minds and bodies worked. And what was the real change they wanted to experience in their body? It became clear to me very quickly, that people [...]

Light Days Always

Last week I was asked by a well known agency to make a list of live seminar topics which I thought were vital for people in organisations, helping them facilitate organised change in their work place. I reflected. It's crucial for people at this time to know how to manage their own lives easily. How [...]


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