Beauty for the Genuine Human Being

Beauty is Balance. Balance between the internal environment and the external environment. Balance between the Physical Body and all parts of the Mind. There are Nine Layers of Consciousness between our planet Earth and our Sun. Our physical cells reflect each of these layers. We may or may not be aware of these dimensions all the time, and we may or may not be in harmony and balance with these dimensions all the time. Each of these dimensions carries within it memories, expressions, and knowledge related to our personal experiences of Existence. These memories, expressions may be fragmented preventing us from experiencing the Wholeness within and creating separation between our Consciousness and our Essence.

Once we have integrated these memories within all the Nine layers of Consciousness, we can move on and experience higher dimensions of Light, Knowledge and Existence. And open up to experiencing profound Beauty within our ESSENCE, which permeates through to all levels of Life, making Life simple and exquisitely miraculous in every moment.

During this 10 day retreat we will be receiving activations in every dimension and experiencing the Consciousness of each dimension. We will integrate each of these dimensions and receive the Light and Knowledge from the Beings within each one for our individual evolution. At the end of the retreat we will unite into deeper and deeper layers within our ESSENCE and begin to live as we truly are: Beautiful genuine human beings; with a profound opening to our Missions on this unique planet at this incredible time in history.

The First Dimension holds the Consciousness of the Center Core of the Planet Earth.

The Second Dimension holds the Consciousness of the crystalline, elemental planes of the Earth and the collective intelligences of all these kingdoms.

The Third Dimension holds the Consciousness of Space and Linear Time and the physicality of the Human experience.

The Fourth Dimension holds the Consciousness of the Collective Archetypes, of duality and the Collective Consciousness throughout the history of the planet.

The Fifth Dimension holds the Consciousness of Unity, Love and Creativity.

The Sixth Dimension holds the Consciousness of Geometry in relation to the holographic model of Creation.

The Seventh Dimension holds the Consciousness of Sound and Harmonics.

The Eighth Dimension holds the Consciousness of the Divine Mind and the Light of Divinity.

The Ninth Dimension holds the Consciousness of the Galactic Center through which the patterns of evolutionary development unfold and are transmitted to all the other dimensions.

The Tenth Dimension is the Vertical Axis through which all these dimensions can be experienced at will.