Peaceful Eating!

Hello my dear friends, Peaceful Eating! It's holiday time again. A time for coming together, celebrating community and feasting. Most of us indulge in activities this time of the year, that make us feel like we're out of control. And then we move into the spiral of regret, perhaps demotivation. If we're lucky we find [...]

The mechanics of Gratitude

Hello my dear friends, The mechanics of Gratitude The energy of Gratitude is spreading miraculously throughout communities across the globe. It's time! People ask me, is gratitude an intention with positive or negative outcomes? It seems a peculiar question on the face of it, but when we dig a little deeper, it's an important thought. [...]

Are you addicted to adrenaline?

Hello my dear friends, Are you addicted to Adrenaline? My dear friend, Manuel Schoch, spent most of his life, helping people and himself to find "inner freedom". On his journey, he observed, accurately, that the main obstacle to experiencing this illusive inner freedom, is fundamentally fear. We all know this. The biological component that reinstates [...]

Healing Relationships!

Hello dear friends, Healing Relationships! We know that physical diseases are a manifestation of misaligned or "stuck" memory patterns. If unpleasant memories are not acknowledged and modified, over time, we live the same patterns again and again until they are modified, through the life lessons we gain from these experiences. Unfortunately, most of these stuck [...]

Bone Health and Supplementation

Hello my dear friends, Bone Health and Supplementation Many advocate that health supplements are a good way to "supplement" missing nutritional factors which are found in dairy or meats, for people who don't eat them. But what percentage of these supplements are absorbed by the body and how much is dumped and/or eliminated? I definitely [...]


Hello dear friends, Sleep Sleep is a major concern for many people today. Are we getting enough sleep? I don't think the quantity of sleep is the issue, but the quality. When we experience quality sleep, the body enters a space of near paralysis, to relax and activate rejuvenating mechanisms. These rejuvenating mechanisms, not only [...]

What’s your worth?

Hello my dear friends, What's your worth? Yesterday, I was asked, Dr Sangeeta, what's your net worth? I went through the levels: material and emotional in my heart, and quickly realised, my worth depends, not on what or how I feel about myself, but, essentially, about how other people think/feel about me. People, pets, my [...]

No gain without joy?

Hello my dear friends, Transformation through Silence. I've had many interactions with people this week about the challenges they are experiencing in their lives, and about how much pain is coming up in their bodies as they go through these experiences. Our mind identifies a challenge as something that exists for it to overcome. When [...]

Highs and Lows

Hello my dear friends, Last week has been interesting for me and for most people I know. It's been a see saw ride of highs and lows, coming back to balance and then highs and lows again... I've mentioned previously in my newsletters, our planet, Earth, is changing. She's opening up and discharging from deep [...]

Thriving: Using the As If formula

Hello my dear friends, What is Thriving? According to the dictionary definition, thriving is to grow strong and vigorously, to prosper. How can we thrive in changing and unknown times? I've observed, over the years, that my own mind is magnetically drawn to negative memories far more easily than to positive ones. Why? We seem [...]


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