Body Consciousness for the Genuine Human Being

Humanity is experiencing intense energetic shifts globally and individually, very rapidly.

For many of us our bodies feel this intuitively and are willing to open up to these new evolutionary frequencies of Light flooding the planet at the present time.

However, for most of us, our minds are having trouble catching up, as soon as we get accustomed to a new vibration, our bodies are ready to shift again, and again. In this process our bodies are experiencing old emotions which have been locked into the physical matrix of our cellular structure as well as the cellular structure of the people and communities around us, and our Planet Earth.

To realign all parts of us and to feel in energetic balance and harmony within our minds and bodies we are required to focus on adjusting the mind and body to integrate these dimensions gracefully and easily, bypassing the human drama of emotions.

In this 2 day course, “Body Consciousness for the Genuine Human Being”, on the first day we’ll be discussing Consciousness in the form of minerals, vitamins, and amino acids our bodies require as they evolve and integrate new dimensions, which may be unknown and unfamiliar. How can this transition be physically more graceful, as existing nutrition may not suit us as it used to in the past?

We will be using energetic processes, meditation and breathing techniques to bring us back into balance.

On the second day we will be focusing on shifting our minds to fully integrate and experience ourselves as the truly “Cosmic Beings” that we ‘know’ we are but may not be fully experiencing in our daily lives. We will activate different metabolic pathways within our cellular structures for our bodies to assimilate and integrate nutrition as “Light”, and not just as Matter.

Our ESSENCE will evolve the Matter of our bodies more fully and allow us to expand our Consciousness and Awareness even deeper.

We will be using crystals to experience our physical bodies, especially the bone matrix to experience interdimensional travel.

The benefits of this course are on all levels, as everything begins with our physical bodies, and it is only through our bodies that we can experience ourselves more fully and appreciate how much we are truly ALL and EXIST-IN-UNITY; beginning with ourselves and then the rest of the Universe.

Finally, in this new vibration, with a fresh clarity and awareness we will manifest different life paths, different systems, in greater alignment with the Whole.

This is a profoundly evolutionary course connecting us to parts of ourselves that we have never experienced before, perhaps ever, transcending even the Sacred Dimensions.