Hello my dear friends,
One of the most powerful forces associated with good health and healing in general, is social genomics.

What is social genomics?
Simply put, social genomics is how everyday life circumstances influence human gene expression.
And one of the most important factors associated with thriving is our social groups.
Who are the social communities we belong to?
How does this group affect us and how do we, in turn, affect them?

Our central, core social group is our family.
Our parents are the nucleus and siblings, spouses, children follow.
We know we inherit genetic physical and personality traits from our parents and upbringing.
However, our environment, i.e. our phenotype has more influence over our health and well being than our genotype alone.
The food we eat, when we eat it, the work we do, where we live and how we live etc all play a part.

Underlying these decisions we make, is actually our personality.
So what constitutes our personality?
There isn’t a simplistic answer, as it’s a combination of our culture, our beliefs, our values, and basically our sense of Self.

I am my own greatest experiment, and through what I’ve learnt about myself, I’ve then been able to share with others in my life.

We aren’t as unique as we think we are, or as we would like to be.
We follow certain standard repeating patterns of behaviour. These behaviours are common to all human beings irrespective of colour, caste, creed.
These behaviours lead/attract us to certain social groups based upon our individual imprinted Selves.

In my life and practice, I’ve found the easiest way to change a behaviour and change a personality is to be aware of the beliefs and values of the social groups we interact with and belong to.

This is being socially aware, not just of our natural environment, but also our personality environment.
Do I feel happy/fulfilled/abundant when I’m with these people?
Am I in alignment with their truth?

This is truly valuable because our presence and our energies are so valuable and we need to be conscious where and to whom we direct these resources.

This brings us to the element of Fire.
The emotion associated with fire is joy, or lack of joy.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine fire is connected to the heart, the small intestine, the circulatory sexual organs and the triple heater.
The triple heater is the area above the sternum, between the sternum and the navel, and below the navel. It is the triple heater which is responsible for balancing the temperature throughout our body system.

Our heart is considered to be the “supreme governor”, and our small intestine, the “great separator”, as it separates the pure from the toxic on all levels of our being.
It is fire, which feeds passion and it is the small intestine which allows us to distinguish what is clean and what requires more purification.

If these organs are not working efficiently in co-operation with each other, it results in an imbalance in the fire element.
This compromises our desires and the joy and motivation to manifest them.

Know thy body, know thyself!

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Dr Sangeeta Sahi