Hello my dear friends,
Our planet is changing.
The consequences of this change are hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis. We call these natural disasters, I call them growing pains.

Our bodies go through the same processes as we grow. I’m sure all of you with children know this- each stage of development, from baby hood to maturity involves change.
And each stage brings with it, it’s own particular physical, emotional and mental changes.
How do we deal with these changes?

We, even in times of extreme self rebellion and exhaustion, eventually, accept these changes.
What’s the alternative?

There isn’t one.
 Acceptance, in my opinion, is an almost magical key. Once we consciously accept whatever is happening, inside us and outside, we realise we’re in a process.
A process we cannot control, a process we cannot understand, a process that cannot be judged.

We can only observe this process.
As we observe, we begin to realise that this is a natural process, it’s happening everywhere, to everyone and everything.
We need to get ourselves and our thoughts out of the way, and watch what happens.

I don’t believe we came into this world to divide this world.
We came here to participate and unify.

Our bodies operate in the exact same way. Each cell in our body knows what it needs to do and how it needs to function.
This functioning is based upon co-operation and collaboration.

When cells begin to transform, which is inevitable for adaptation to changing environments and circumstances, their natural response is to support each other through this new process.
If they don’t, then separation and dysfunctionality occurs.

Our immune systems are highly sophisticated transformational support systems. They select new information which is necessary for our whole transformation and they are designed for our own individual body system, so that we don’t get overloaded or we don’t get left behind.

Our minds create interference patterns, which our immune system also has to process. When this interference, in the form of stubborn resistance becomes overwhelming, then our immune systems become compromised, and we get sick.

If we’re mature enough we understand this is a phase, and it will pass. And it does. Because our bodies have already been designed to go through these changing times.

So how does this maturity express itself?

Peace! Going into peace and stillness and rest.
Being  in peace with ourselves.
Making our minds quiet, being in nature, accepting and observing what’s going on, without getting too involved in the growing pains. Yoga, meditation, natural remedies, exercise, they help us make peace with ourselves.

This quiet space allows our bodies to express themselves. We can be directed to people, places, remedies, solutions to help us transcend our current challenges.

The Ancients called this a world of Maya, a world of illusion. This illusion maintains separation.
The separation has only one purpose. To bring us back to unity.

Why do we need this separation to come back to wholeness?
I’ve asked myself this question again and again throughout every stage of my life.
I’ve realised the separation is valuable, as it reflects back to us, what we are inherently and unconsciously separated from.
Separation and being ill, allows our unconscious to express itself, so we can become conscious, and reconnect and come back to health and balance once again.

It is our own individual journey of becoming whole and evolving, piece by piece.
This is why being One, being and staying connected with every one and our environments is so important. It is the only way to know what we are separate from and to unify with it again.

I’ve also observed in my own life and in my practice, every person, every allergen, every bacteria, virus, that provokes a reaction within us, exists to make us stronger.
Not in a defiant way, but in a conscious way. We acknowledge it’s existence and then move on.

It isn’t easy, but I know this is the way. The way of Peace and Balance. And chaos, and peace and balance, and chaos….

The Conscious Cancer® program I designed is based upon these three principles of Unity, Harmony and Order.

Through the chaos of life and disease, a new order arises.
This order is stronger than the one previous to it.
It is a natural, adaptation process to a new way of life, which is imperative and a pre condition to living on a new planet.

Our planet and us are going through growing pains. We’re growing up together.
It’s always been like this, it’s the natural process, the natural order.

If you or your friends would like support through natural remedies or the Conscious Cancer® program, please contact me at drsangeetasahi@gmail.com.

Here’s to our increasing joy and vitality!

Dr Sangeeta Sahi