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Bone Health and Supplementation

Many advocate that health supplements are a good way to “supplement” missing nutritional factors which are found in dairy or meats, for people who don’t eat them.

But what percentage of these supplements are absorbed by the body and how much is dumped and/or eliminated?

I definitely prescribe specific supplements in my work and, at times, I take them myself, but ones that I feel are genuinely effective.

I’ve found, herbs, Chinese and from Ayurveda, and homeopathy are far more effective in certain conditions.
Herbs have a structure that is in coherence with our cells own structure, so they are absorbed more efficiently.
Homeopathic remedies work directly on the subtle energy body in dissolving layers surrounding our physical genetic structure, enabling our genetic system to work more efficiently in our living environments.

Our integral structural system are our bones. The basic ingredient which allows optimal bone function is Calcium.
But, like all systems, Calcium needs to bind with certain proteins to work, and, it knows when it needs to bind by the presence of certain vitamins, which help to modify these proteins, for optimal binding.

In the case of Calcium, Vitamin K1 and K2 are essential for activation and regulation of Calcium binding. These vitamins modify proteins, enabling them to bind to Calcium.

K1 functions mostly in the liver, to modify proteins and “activate” their binding to Calcium.
K2 modifies proteins to “activate” and regulate where Calcium is deposited. K2 makes sure Calcium is only deposited where it needs to be, and in the right amounts.

Vitamin K1is found in green, leafy vegetables: broccoli, sprouts.
Vitamin K2 is found in high fat dairy products from grass fed cows, liver, and egg yolks.
Another subtype of Vitamin K2 is found in sauerkraut, miso and natto: fermented foods.

Vitamin K2, along with Vitamin D2 are the foundation stones for bone synthesis and regulation.
K2 may help in dental health, management of heart disease and may also be useful in managing the symptoms related to cancer.

Without a healthy and integral bone structure, our body structure, as a whole, is compromised.

Let’s take care of our bones!

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Here’s to our increasing joy and vitality!

Dr Sangeeta Sahi