Healing Relationships!

Hello dear friends, Healing Relationships! We know that physical diseases are a manifestation of misaligned or "stuck" memory patterns. If unpleasant memories are not acknowledged and modified, over time, we live the same patterns again and again until they are modified, through the life lessons we gain from these experiences. Unfortunately, most of these stuck [...]


Hello dear friends, Sleep Sleep is a major concern for many people today. Are we getting enough sleep? I don't think the quantity of sleep is the issue, but the quality. When we experience quality sleep, the body enters a space of near paralysis, to relax and activate rejuvenating mechanisms. These rejuvenating mechanisms, not only [...]

Light Days Always

Last week I was asked by a well known agency to make a list of live seminar topics which I thought were vital for people in organisations, helping them facilitate organised change in their work place. I reflected. It's crucial for people at this time to know how to manage their own lives easily. How [...]


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