I began my journey, as many of us do, to “change the world” I lived in.

It began with becoming a physician and helping people understand how their own minds and bodies worked.
And what was the real change they wanted to experience in their body?
It became clear to me very quickly, that people either didn’t know what they wanted, or if they did, they wanted that change to happen as fast as possible, so they could go on living their lives the way they chose.

Change is a process within life, not separate from it.
As your body changes, so does your life.
In every way, the food you eat, how you prepare it, how you eat it.
You begin to have a relationship with your body, about what it needs and what it wants and when and how.
In this process of relationship you begin to follow subtle hints and clues about what works and what doesn’t.

Many people, in the beginning, need a guide to steer them in the right direction, to help them follow certain disciplines. This lasts for a while, and then these disciplines are internalised and become automatic.

The “turning point”, in this process, when it becomes automatic, is when you consciously decide that you, and no-one else is responsible for this change, and that you really want it to happen. Then the change becomes automatic and real.

What change do you want to experience in your body?
Think about it. Write it down, play with it and see what appears.
You may be surprised.

Digestive problems, such as unexplained weight gain, bloating, inflammation, abnormal food cravings can lead to brain fogginess, confusion in daily life or general lack of clarity, focus and energy.
You may want to check up on Prebiotics.
Prebiotics support your gut health by speeding up the growth of “good” bacteria in your digestive tract, as well as, keeping the growth of “not so good” bacteria in check. In just a few days, your physical symptoms diminish and your energy levels boost, along with clarity and focus. This supports your body to align with your conscious decisions in every day life.

Health and Happiness to you.

Dr Sangeeta Sahi