Conscious Cancer®

Experience Joy, Fulfillment, & Live Your Full Potential

Human Beings are a continuum of the Cosmic, Universal and Planetary Systems

13-Step Program

You're More Than Your Physical Self

Recover Your Life

Dr. Sangeeta Sahi believes in wellness and healing of the whole person

Empower 100% of You

Wellness of the whole person, not just the physical

Live Gracefully

Learn from Dr. Sangeeta’s experience across Eastern & Western Medicine

Knowledge Is Power

For Current, Past & Present Cancer Patients

30+ Years of Expertise

All blended in one course. Explore the reality of cancer, with depth

Make Cancer Redundant

Shift Your Physical & Mental Psyche

Your Experience Is Unique

There are no guarantees in life. Learn to experience peace and grace.

Conscious Cancer® is a 13 Step Life Recovery Program

It is designed to help anyone with Cancer symptoms “transcend” the Cancer imprint into Graceful Living.

Every Human Being is unique and complex, and none can be compared with another.  This program was created to benefit every individual with their specific requirements.

Conscious Cancer® focuses on Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical facets of the individual in a very specific and unique way.


Discover what you can expect:

  • Physical, emotional and mental release of toxins

  • The healthy and damaged cells of the body are regenerated and rejuvenated

  • The cells of the body are literally re-educated with new lifestyle imprints

  • You will notice a profound desire to live life more fully emerging in the later stages of the programme

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Would you like a sense of wholeness and lightness?

Dr. Sangeeta Sahi’s 13-Step Programme is holistic, at the intersection of Eastern & Western medicine.

Health and disease are extremely personal experiences. This course focuses on YOUR personal journey.

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Who Is This Course For?

Conscious Cancer® is for a wide range of individuals and organisations. People who have taken Dr. Sangeeta Sahi’s course previously include:

  • People who are experiencing Cancer or who have experienced Cancer in the past
  • Relatives and friends of people who have had Cancer
  • People who want more knowledge about the reality of Cancer
  • People working in the medical and healing professions who want to understand Cancer from a different perspective 

Current cancer patients can explore beyond the physical methods, chemotherapy, and radiation. Dr. Sangeeta Sahi is focused on wellness and healing of the whole person

Whether past, present, or future – equipping yourself with knowledge is invaluable. The course is always available to re-read or re-listen

Cancer is the most feared disease on the planet right now. By educating yourself in integrative medicine, you may help yourself and others

This 13 Step Programme helps professionals who want to understand Cancer from a different perspective, and pass their training onto others

This programme is the perfect fit for those with autoimmune diseases. The programme will integrate your physical, mental, social, spiritual, environmental, and other states of being

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Who is Dr. Sangeeta Sahi?

  • Dr Sangeeta Sahi MD is an Integrative Medical Doctor. Integrative Medicine emphasizes wellness and healing of the whole person

  • Trained as a conventional medical physician

  • Trained in acupuncture, complex homeopathy, principles of ayurveda, herbs and nutrition

  • Uses systems of Psychospirituality (Psychology integrated with Spirital Knowledge), PNEI (PsychoNeuroEndocrinoImmunology), Biophysics and Quantum Physics

  • She understands the depth of the experience that Cancer can create in the individual and how to transform this experience in a safe, non toxic and simple approach

  • Has worked with thousands of people experiencing cancer

  • Read more abou Dr. Sangeeta Sahi on our About Page

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