Lotus Lake, Kyoto, Japan

Conscious Cancer® Introductory Seminar

Cancer From a Universal Perspective:

Introduction to Conscious Cancer® – A 13 Step Life Recovery Program Cancer is the most feared disease on the planet right now. Fear comes from the ignorance of Reality.

You are invited to an interactive seminar discussing Cancer from an alternative perspective:

What is the Reality of Cancer?
Why are more people experiencing cancer in the world now than ever before?
How are Environmental & Cosmic factors affecting the increase in Cancer cases?
What role does Spirituality and Quantum Mechanics play in the recovery model for Cancer?
Why is it that some people recover and heal from cancer whilst others do not?
What are the mechanisms of Cancer appearance and mutation? What are these genetic factors and how can these be treated?
Why does chemotherapy and radiation not work? Or in what type of cases is it successful?
How can an individual experiencing the symptoms of Cancer be supported for recovery?

Dr. Sangeeta Sahi MD has created the Conscious Cancer® program which is a 13-Step Life Recovery Program for people experiencing Cancer. This is an interactive seminar where the attendees will be introduced to the Conscious Cancer®program.

People who are experiencing Cancer or who have experienced Cancer in the past.
Relatives and friends of people who have had Cancer
People who want more knowledge about the reality of Cancer
People working in the medical and healing professions who want to understand Cancer from a different perspective.

Dr Sangeeta Sahi MD is an Integrative Medical Doctor with a comprehensive and profound understanding of the Human Essence, mind, and body and their workings as a unified whole with the Natural and Universal laws. She has trained as a conventional medical physician and in a variety of complementary modalities including acupuncture, complex homeopathy, principles of ayurveda, herbs and nutrition.

Dr. Sangeeta Sahi uses the systems of Psychospirituality (a unique combination of Psychology integrated with Spiritual Knowledge), PNEI (PsychoNeuroEndocrinoImmunology), Biophysics and Quantum Physics in a unique and very personal way with every patient ensuring graceful and permanent shifts in the physical and mental psyche. Her treatments are specifically customized to the needs of each individual. Her trademark results for each patient are a sense of wholeness and lightness with an inherent quality of joy and desire for living gracefully.