Conscious Cancer®

Dr. Sangeeta Sahi has worked with thousands of people experiencing Cancer. People of all ages and in different stages of their lives from different countries and socio-cultural backgrounds. She understands the depth of the experience that Cancer can create in the individual and how to transform this experience in a safe, non toxic and simple approach. Cancer is the most feared disease on the planet in the present times. Fear carries great Power. This Power can be directed for Complete Transformation for anyone experiencing Cancer.

Conscious Cancer® is a 13 Step Life Recovery Program which is designed to help anyone with Cancer symptoms “transcend” the Cancer imprint into Graceful Living. Every Human Being is unique and complex, and none can be compared with another. Keeping this uniqueness in perspective, this program was created to benefit every individual with their specific requirements. The program takes an integrated and comprehensive approach, focusing on Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical facets of the individual in a very specific and unique way.

States of Health and Disease are extremely personal experiences. The first few Steps focus on physical, emotional and mental release of toxins. This sensitive process is facilitated with the complete personal support of Dr. Sangeeta Sahi, the creator of this program. At the same time as releasing and detoxification, the healthy and damaged cells of the body are regenerated and rejuvenated. This is supported by lifestyle and nutritional changes, as well as natural remedies, including herbs and homeopathics. The result is tangible increases in physical energy and wellness. The next few Steps involve cellular consciousness expansion and re-education. The cells of the body are literally re-educated with new lifestyle imprints.

These include new dietary habits and physical movement routines, and new ways of communicating and expressing emotions. A profound desire to live life more fully emerges at this stage. This program is simple and effective, and addresses every facet of the individual with Cancer. This simple, yet very direct personal approach sets Conscious Cancer® apart from all other standardized and complicated protocols currently available.

The final Steps focus on the individual’s relationship with their environment and the people around them. New ways of relating in personal and social relationships. This part of the program is important for understanding the individual’s relationship with their own Self, and how this reflects into their personal and communal space. A deep sense of freedom and Wholeness is realized and an honor of Life and the individual’s own purpose within this Whole. At the end of this 13 Step Program, the Cancer imprint becomes, for most people redundant.

The individual has “transcended” the necessity of experiencing Cancer in the same way as when they began the Conscious Cancer® program. There is no guarantee of complete freedom from the Cancer, as there are no guarantees for anything in Life. But there is a guarantee of Transformation and ability to experience Life for the individual with Peace and Grace.

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