Conscious Cancer®

Conscious Cancer® Program

Conscious Cancer® program is a 13-Step Life Recovery Program for people experiencing cancer and immune system imbalances. This is an audio-based online program which can be used individually or in a group setting. I can also be available as an individual or a group facilitator for focused and quicker results from the use of the program.

Who is the Conscious Cancer Program for?

People who are experiencing cancer or who have experienced cancer in the past

Relatives and friends of people who have had cancer

People who want more knowledge about the reality of cancer

People working in the medical and healing professions who want to understand cancer from a different perspective

You can purchase the program using the link given below.

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How did the Conscious Cancer® System originate? Why is Conscious Cancer® structured as a Systems approach? Human Beings are a continuum of the Cosmic, Universal and Planetary…

Step One – The Individual Story

Length: 0 minutes

Our lives are stories pieced together, some are harmonious, some are not. Each story is unique, personal, individual. The first Step begins with Your Personal and Unique Story. The process…

Step Two – Opening the Program of Conscious Acceptance Acceptance is the fastest part of the process of Self Recovery from Cancer or from any other disease state. Disease is a ‘separate’ state of Existence- my…

Step Three – Opening The Program Of Conscious Self Willpower At this stage the individual will be experiencing deeper emotions and memories of death, self negation, perhaps even self loathing. This is partly triggered by the death…

Step Ten – Rebirth, Conscious Application of New Life Programs Re-birthing process begins. Consciously accepting new eating patterns and behavior and lifestyle patterns. Your cells become more receptive to the effects of serotonin, a peace and joy…


Beyond Consciousness of the Brain is also known as out of body consciousness. We can observe the expressions of the Soul, we cannot observe the Soul. We can only observe…


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