Conscious Cancer®

Conscious Cancer® Program

Conscious Cancer® program is a 13-Step Life Recovery Program for people experiencing cancer and immune system imbalances. This is an audio-based online program which can be used individually or in a group setting. I can also be available as an individual or a group facilitator for focused and quicker results from the use of the program.

Who is the Conscious Cancer Program for?

People who are experiencing cancer or who have experienced cancer in the past

Relatives and friends of people who have had cancer

People who want more knowledge about the reality of cancer

People working in the medical and healing professions who want to understand cancer from a different perspective

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Length: 0 minutes

Human Beings are a continuum of the Cosmic, Universal and Planetary Systems. These Systems have structures, orders and evolutionary programs, peculiar to themselves. Every System is based upon the universal mechanism of Unity, Harmony and Order.

I, Dr. Sangeeta Sahi, after years of working with thousands of patients experiencing Cancer and Autoimmune diseases from diverse multicultural backgrounds, realized a need for a simple, effective, systematic program incorporating instructions and processes which could be incorporated into people’s daily lives.

Introduction of Conscious Cancer® System & Choosing The Best Doctor

Length: 0 minutes

Choosing a Doctor Universal Forces work through Humanity’s collective consciousness. And the Collective Consciousness is experienced in each individual through their spiritual-mental-emotional-physical axis. This is a complex system which uses thought as its primary director. Thoughts connect with spiritual dimensions materializing into physical formations, which if misaligned result in imbalances and diseases. Fear is the […]

Step One – The Individual Story

Length: 0 minutes

Our lives are stories pieced together, some are harmonious, some are not. Each story is unique, personal, individual. The first Step begins with Your Personal and Unique Story. The process is initiated with a private consultation with me, Dr. Sangeeta Sahi. You’ll find that it’s easy to open up and share your story of your […]

Step Two – Opening the Program of Conscious Acceptance

Length: 0 minutes

Acceptance is the fastest part of the process of Self Recovery from Cancer or from any other disease state. Disease is a ‘separate’ state of Existence- my ‘healthy’ cells are a part of me and they are good, my cancer cells are a ‘malignant’, abnormal part of me and they are bad. I distance myself from what is bad and align myself with only that which is healthy and strong. During this Step, this is a healthy and life affirming mantra. Divine Invocation/Intention: I ACCEPT MY BEING AS I AM NOW, repeated 9 times whilst looking at your eyes in the mirror.

Step Three – Opening The Program Of Conscious Self Willpower

Length: 0 minutes

At this stage the individual will be experiencing deeper emotions and memories of death, self negation, perhaps even self loathing. This is partly triggered by the death of cells- such as hair fall, dying tissues,- the toxins constantly being released from the body and the toxins from any medications- such as chemo or radiation coursing through the lymphatic system. There may be feelings of wanting to die, and life is not worth living. And memories from the past of incidents which were out of balance and issues of self blame and recrimination and resentments.

Step Four – Opening the Program of Conscious Observership & Sincerity

Length: 0 minutes

The different layers of the Mind/Body Consciousness and how to differentiate between these different “observers”. The discernment of the vital outwardly directed consciousness versus the true body consciousness.
The precepts of this program is to enlighten the Vital physical energies and consciousness. The Vital is relatively ignorant compared to the genuine body consciousness.

Step Five – Opening the Program of Conscious Self Love, Forgiveness & Gratitude

Length: 0 minutes

Self love and communication activation versus being selfish. Forgiveness and Gratitude. Non Judgement programs of Self and Others.

Self Love is a vast topic, and in my experience is experiential. I don’t believe there are any “how to” processes to effectively initiate Self Love except Self Acceptance. Self Acceptance or ceasing to be in conflict with all the parts of yourself that you feel are not good enough.

Step Six – Opening the Program of Conscious Self Responsibility

Length: 0 minutes

Self Responsibility vs being Dependent. What purpose does this disease have in my life for ME? What purpose does this disease serve in my life? (for others around me)?

Self Responsibility literally means having the ability to respond. Respond, not React- what’s the difference? Response comes from a space of neutral charge, whereas reaction comes from a space of emotional charge – often times these emotions are not empowering.

Step Seven – Opening the Program of Atomic Wholeness & Family Relationships

Length: 0 minutes

Application of these principles – interacting with Family members Resolving and neutralizing Family Relationships

This Step brings a certain “wholeness” to the individual process of recovery. Once dependencies have been transformed into Support mechanisms, a space is created- a temporary separation from the old behavior patterns. In this space a sort of Respect begins to form. A Respect, not just for other people and their role in your life and disease, but a respect for life itself.

Step Eight – Extending Wholeness into Conscious Physical Self Image, Opening Consciousness to Extended Family Relationships

Length: 0 minutes

Extended family and relatives and friends interactions and relationships. Physical image and physical distortions will come up. Adjusting to changes in your body and self-image.

The section below is relevant for those individuals undergoing standardized cancer protocols. Cancer and its treatment can cause physical changes. Some people feel insecure about how these changes affect their body and their self-image.

Step Nine – Integration: Opening the Program of Conscious Grace Into Life

Length: 0 minutes

Integration and death of the old paradigms. Gratitude for life. Gratitude for life brings in Grace, welcomes grace.

This Stage is about integrating the processes of the previous Steps. Integration requires a “living out” and application of the new constructs you are experiencing- an internalization on a cellular level of the qualities you have been experiencing and sharing and a “letting go” or graceful dissolution of those characters which no longer seem necessary or valuable in your life.
By characters I don’t mean “people” but they may be included in this part, but characters of expression such as helplessness or hopelessness.

Step Ten – Rebirth, Conscious Application of New Life Programs

Length: 0 minutes

Re-birthing process begins. Consciously accepting new eating patterns and behavior and lifestyle patterns. Your cells become more receptive to the effects of serotonin, a peace and joy hormone. There are Feelings of Well-Being.

Serotonin is sometimes thought of as a “happy” neurotransmitter. Where deficiencies in the molecule can lead to depression and fear, appropriate levels of serotonin secretion bathe neurons in the brain in chemicals that help promote feelings of comfort, contentment and well-being. In their book “Biochemistry,” Doctors Reginald Garrett and Charles Grisham explain that the brain makes serotonin when it’s signaled to do so.

Step Eleven – Opening the Program of Conscious Life Purpose

Length: 0 minutes

Finding a purpose and meaning in life

As the new you emerges, along with this new identity comes a different view of your life and yourself. You’ll begin to realize deeply that there is purpose and meaning to Existence. Nothing is or has been created without purpose and function. Everyone’s “mission or purpose” is inherent within their Essence which functions according to their DNA expressions. These expressions are coded physically and through thoughts and emotions.

Step Thirteen – Opening the Program of Conscious Peace through Purpose, Conscious Relationships through Community Interactions

Length: 0 minutes

Maintaining Peace through Purpose. Conscious Relationships through Community interactions.

It should have become clear to you at this stage, or earlier. This program is committed to your transformation through metamorphosis of the physical body within the paradigm of Peace. This final step is the beginning of your new life. A life without Cancer or any other disease. This state requires conscious maintenance through application and community interaction.


Beyond Consciousness of the Brain is also known as out of body consciousness. We can observe the expressions of the Soul, we cannot observe the Soul. We can only observe ourselves through our life expressions. The role of beauty, art, poetry, music in our lives and how to experience these more completely. The Flow of […]


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