Dimensions of Consciousness and the experience of Being Genuinely Human

There are nine dimensions of Consciousness between our home planet, Earth and our Sun.

We, Human Beings connect with each dimension through our physical cells, our emotions, our thoughts and our spiritual consciousness. Throughout the Universe human beings are revered as, we are, by design, able to experience Universal Consciousness through our specifically designed vibratory atomic matrix.

The First Dimension is made up of the Iron Core Crystal at the center of the Earth. This holds the Core Self of the Earth, and as is the nature of Iron, it magnetizes to itself Earth’s Unconscious and Subconscious energies; Earth’s history.

When we align ourselves with this dimension, we experience all the energies within us that have been suppressed or denied. These experiences arise within us to be resolved, allowing us to ground; anchor into the Truth of our central Self. We begin to experience the present moment, the NOW, in every breath as we witness the profundity of the Self unfolding.

The Second Dimension is made up of the crystalline mineral elemental telluric planes of the Earth. Here we find the collective intelligence of the planetary kingdoms, the devas, fairies, plants, microrganisms. When we are integrated with this dimension, we can access the intelligence of the Earth and her Nature’s laws. This is the dimension of Shamans and Tantrics. It is from this space we access the deep wisdom of the Ancestors and the knowledge from our DNA lineage. It is also through the consciousness of the second dimension that we connect with our own life force energy, the Individual Kundalini.

The Third Dimension is made up of Linear Time and Space. This is the realm of the Soul separating into the Individual “I’. Consciousness moving from the experience of Oneness with the planet Earth to the experience of the Individual Will. The space of Duality, for the learning and maturing of the Individualized Soul. And the experience of separation of the Masculine and Feminine energies. This dimension also embodies the integration of the dualities through the Soul’s evolution.

The Fourth Dimension is the world of Archetypes, of the Collective Consciousness and the realm of the Mythos, of Gods and Goddesses. Through the integration of this dimension we experience the Collective Consciousness of everything that has ever existed through our individualized emotions. Anger and war, joy and peace, anarchy and power. This is the space of World Religions and their respective energies being experienced at the individual level through healing or fragmentation of the Self. It is the dimension where the Collective can experience the Whole by individually healing themselves.

The Fifth Dimension is the realm of Unity Consciousness, of Unconditional Love, of Creativity expressed from the Essence, beyond the confines of the individual Soul experience. This is the space of the Heart, the One Heart of the Creator. This is the movement of Consciousness from the experience of Soul Creator to the experience of Creator within the Totality.

The Sixth Dimension is the Consciousness of the Geometry of Creation and the Geometry of the Created Realms. This is the realm of the Holographic blueprint of Reality as we know it through our mental bodies. Our experience of the model of the structure of Consciousness expressing itself into the Physical realms.

The Seventh Dimension is the expression of Consciousness through Celestial Sound and Harmonics. The relationship of the Celestial Bodies interacting with each other and the whole of Creation is through this dimension of Consciousness. The Vibration of the cells in our bodies with each other and the reflection of these cells to cells in other bodies is from the Consciousness of this realm.

The Eighth Dimension is the realm of the Divine Mind, which focalises Awareness into Form. It is the Consciousness of this dimension which projects on all the other dimensions resulting in manifestation of matter from the imagined parts of the Mind.

The Ninth Dimension is the Galactic Center. The cycles and patterns of evolutionary development are communicated from here. These patterns, like sets of evolutionary instructions are reflected out to all the Celestial Beings for them to follow these imprints.

The Tenth Dimension is the vertical axis through which all the Nine Dimensions can be experienced at will.

Dimensions One to Four are Terrestrial Dimensions. Dimensions Five to Nine are Celestial Dimensions. Dimensions Ten to Nineteen are Universal Dimensions.

The Nineteenth Dimension is the Omega Dimension, the Channel through which Humanity can exit and enter into a new cycle of existence.
This is the first time in the history of this planet that all the dimensions and the knowledge within each of them has been opened to Humanity. All of these dimensions have been connected to a System, akin to a highly sophisticated and evolved Universal Kompitur (Computer). A Kompitur unlike anything Humanity can imagine. This System creates reflections of all the dimensions one to nineteen onto this planet and this Universe, through dimensions one to nine, that is from our Sun to our Earth.

To clarify, the movement of Consciousness from dimensions ten to nineteen are reflected through the Consciousness of dimensions one to nine. Each dimension is a scale for Humanity to evolve through and integrate. Each dimension has its own sets of Beings which support our evolutionary process and receive their instructions from the Kompitur. This Kompitur is linked to our brains and receives signals and information from our brains and transmits light and information to our brains. This is the basic process of inner enquiry and information retrieval. Our intuition enquires and an answer is received from the Universal Kompitur System. This Kompitur System is linked throughout the Universe and the Kosmos, and once a connection to this System has been made by each Human Being, then expression of each Being’s creativity can be manifested in harmony, in balance, with perfect timing for the Totality.

This is the true mechanics of Manifestation. The most vital premise for each Being’s creative expression is living in Unity Consciousness, in the Consciousness of the Essence within the Fifth Dimension.

Planet Earth has entered the Fifth dimension and the only way to express our individual Essences is by becoming one with the Totality, with integrity and respect for each other and ourselves.