Hello my dear friends,
Today, I’m revisiting our good old friend, Forgiveness!

Every single imbalance or disease that we, or our pets and animals experience can be cured, (and I use this word, consciously).
Nature has provided herbs, foods, solutions, for every tiny problem we may encounter.

Treating people with Cancer and autoimmune system problems, has shown me, the foundation of cellular healing is Forgiveness.
Forgiveness, like Love, is a word we use all the time, that’s not enough.
I can immediately tell when one of my clients has applied the technology of forgiveness I’ve taught them, sincerely and with commitment.
Their bodies tell me, their cells begin to change.

Forgiveness opens up ionic channels between our cell’s membranes, which allow for biochemical information to be exchanged more efficiently.
Forgiveness gives our cells permission to talk to each other and creates a space of neutral interactions.

Many people have problems with the process of forgiveness, too.
In my opinion, it’s one of the most intimately challenging processes.
Why? Because it forces us to look at ourselves through another’s perspective. The process makes us experience what the other person is/ or has experienced, and most of the time, it’s painful!
In cases of “stuck forgiveness”, we need to feel what they felt to understand and accept, that it hurts the other as much as it hurts us.
And then of course, we have to forgive ourselves!

A health care professional’s guidance, at this stage, is invaluable- I help my clients go through this process very quickly and as painlessly as possible.
Using herbs, tinctures, essences, or a combination of them, tailor made for my clients, I help them open up old, painful and sometimes deep seated wounds, effortlessly and gracefully.
The transition is joyful and resistance free.

If you or anyone else you know is having problems with chronic physical or deep emotional “stuckness”, contact me at drsangeetasahi@gmail.com.

Here’s to our increasing joy and health!

Dr Sangeeta Sahi