Feelings seem elusive for everyone. In truth, they are sub atomic particles of energy.

Feelings are connected with thoughts and thoughts are connected with memories.
Memories are stored within our complex mind system, and depending upon the memories that we most connect with, will be the thoughts and feelings that surface.Everyone has a store of pleasant and unpleasant memories, so to make sure that we feel good as much as possible for as long as possible, we need to keep connecting to good old fashioned happy memories.

These happy memories generate happy thoughts and happy thoughts, generate light and joyful sub atomic particles.
These particles of energy have speed, and the lightest particles travel the fastest and the furthest distance. These particles attract particles travelling at similar speeds and lightness.

So happy memories within us, allow other people around us to also experience joy and happiness in their lives. It grows exponentially.
This is the truth of how feelings operate. And this is the truth of the power of each one of our thoughts.
Being aware of our thoughts allows us to tap into our memory banks and connect with the most pleasant ones. This mechanism encourages people to tap into their own pleasant memories, without them even knowing why or how it’s happening. Just like magic!

Happy thoughts and feelings to all of Us!
Dr Sangeeta Sahi

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