Hello my dear friends,
Today is a day of sincere thanksgiving and gratitude.
According to Vedic teachings and Eastern schools, today is Gurupurnima.
This one day in the year, is dedicated to thanking our Teachers and Gurus for their generosity of Spirit and the knowledge and experiences they share with us.

Today I acknowledge my parents, my teachers, guides, gurus throughout space and time and beyond, who have contributed to help me become who I am now and in the future.
I thank my patients and clients for trusting me and contributing to the great work and knowledge I share with the world.

Why is Gratitude so important?
Gratitude allows us to acknowledge that Life is greater than the sum of all our parts. It allows us to acknowledge forces, invisible and intangible, in our worldly, material lives which have influenced and supported our journeys.
And Gratitude feels delicious to the Soul.
When we acknowledge another, we are acknowledged in return. We feel heard, loved. We feel that we exist, and that life exists just for us.
This feeling of pure existence is Grace.
Grace says everything is just as it should be, everything is perfect and in its place for this moment. Everything is permitted, there is no judgement.

Gratitude and Grace work well together. They understand each other. Where there is Gratitude, Grace is close by.

I urge you to write a thank you note to all your teachers and gurus and guides throughout time and space. Observe how your energy and mood changes as you write your note. Become aware of receiving more of what you are grateful for, appear in your everyday life.
You will feel lighter!

To Joy and Grace for all of us!

Dr Sangeeta Sahi