Hello dear friends,

Healing Relationships!

We know that physical diseases are a manifestation of misaligned or “stuck” memory patterns.
If unpleasant memories are not acknowledged and modified, over time, we live the same patterns again and again until they are modified, through the life lessons we gain from these experiences.
Unfortunately, most of these stuck memories seem to be unpleasant, which is why they’re challenging to acknowledge.

Our system has been designed in a complex, yet incredibly beautiful way, that unless we address these challenges at the moment they arise, we feel stuck in other parts of our lives too.

Our most vulnerable points are with our closest relationships- families!
Families have taken up roles which trigger our insecurities and fears at our deepest levels.
Most of the time, we try our best to overlook and forgive our family members for the roles they have played in our unpleasant experiences.
For me, forgiveness, is only the first step. Forgiveness gives us the space and capacity to acknowledge what we’ve experienced, but the patterns only truly change when we accept the role we played in creating these experiences, and why?

Then the pattern is released and we can let go. It’s when we give the inner signalling for letting go, that the magic happens and Grace steps in to help us.

All of us, are experiencing these opportunities in our lives, now, perhaps, more frequently than ever before.
Over the years, I’ve taught and facilitated many workshops of health and healing to therapists, healers, doctors, scientists etc, and we’ve all found that our clients and the people we choose to help, are mirrors of our own personal challenges.
The Cosmos finds a way to help us heal and unify ALL THE TIME, whichever path we choose to take in our daily lives.

I’ve found, for people who have a difficult time with TRUST, especially, trusting people, homeopathic and herbal remedies are  very useful.
We all trust Nature, more than we trust anything else.

Because Nature is an integral part of US, we know Nature.
And our bodies know Nature.
The correct remedies used in the correct way, can and do create miracles. They’re supposed to!

Once those persistent patterns are unfolded and realised, a natural, charming peace and joy emanates from their release. And we feel a little more whole, once again!

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Here’s to our increasing joy and vitality!

Dr Sangeeta Sahi