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As we move forward on our individual journeys of seeking self knowledge and Truth, we come across bottlenecks along the way. We may feel stuck in our lives, nervous, indecisive, financially and emotionally challenged. We may even experience physical crisis, such as autoimmune diseases and Cancer.


What is the problem?

Chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, gastrointestinal imbalances nervous system disorders, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, anxiety are all related to stress and worry.


What is the solution?

All diseases can be remedied by supporting your immune system efficiently and correctly, and by realigning your physical and emotional centres with your spiritual centre, creating fast, productive and healthy life changes.

This integration process results in a physical system upgrade, creating order in your whole system quickly and safely, leaving you feeling joyful, light, peaceful, clear, energised and more real and authentic, at the same time. You feel these effects immediately during and after the consultation.


What can be done?

Using the knowledge of quantum and biophysics with western medicine, and spiritual technologies, I’ve pioneered a way of integrating emotional, mental, and spiritual experiences gracefully, creating a quick system upgrade of our physical lives. This is the system of the Genuine Human Being. Using this system, I’ve helped people overcome their cancer, their mental and emotional challenges and crises effectively.

Private consultations are conducted either by face-to-face meetings or online.

I recommend a variety of completely natural tools, including complex homeopathy, herbal treatments, supplements, Ayurveda, and specific foods to support your body.


Personal Consultations

A personal consultation is a one on one customised, private, and fully secure interactive session with Dr. Sangeeta Sahi. During these consultations, your mind and body is upgraded to a more evolved version of You.


Rejuvenation, Sexual Vitality, and Relationships

Physical Rejuvenation is a result of “lightening” the cellular load and reprogramming our individual DNA, to process physical and emotional toxins more efficiently, continuously. This allows us to have a better quality of energy every day.

The hormones in our body are sensitive to emotional stimuli and mirror our emotional states immediately.

Healthy, collaborative, supportive relationships are key to maintaining a strong immune system. A strong immune system reflects a body and mind system that can process and direct your life energy in a balanced and authentic way, allowing your ideas to turn into real actions.

Sexual vitality is the source of creative energy and material prosperity.

This needs to be in continuous flow with other people. To maintain this flow, we need to be in integrity with ourselves, other people, and our environment.

I use a three-fold approach of cellular detoxification, emotional purification and neutralising unrewarding behaviour patterns, replacing them with honest, open and genuine behaviour patterns.

Your body and mind begin to function as an upgraded, integrated unit in every moment.

Your DNA is reprogrammed to release life thriving hormones and chemicals, using specific foods and supplements as an external source.

You lose weight effortlessly, metabolism is balanced, skin and hair rejuvenates.

Relationships with your partner and everyone around you flow more easily, joyfully. You feel fulfilled, happy, supported, and present.


Children & Young Adults

Children and young adults experience physical and emotional imbalances which have been labeled as attention deficit disorder, autism, dyslexia, eating disorders and learning disorders. Most of these problems arise because their two brain hemispheres are not in balance with each other. This creates an imbalance in their physical and emotional bodies, which affects how their nervous and endocrine systems process information internally, affecting their daily lives and their relationships.

Using special communication processes and homeopathic remedies, we activate magnetic fields around their heart centres and parts of their brain related to emotional processing, enabling coherent communication between these areas. This allows them to learn and process information, at school, or college more easily and more efficiently, especially during  stressful periods, such as examinations. It also allows for more open-hearted and genuine communications in all their relationships.


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