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Conscious Cancer® Program

Dr. Sangeeta Sahi has worked with thousands of people experiencing Cancer. These have been people of all ages and in different stages of their lives from different countries and socio-cultural backgrounds. She understands the depth of the experience that Cancer can create in the individual and how to transform this experience in a safe, non toxic and simple approach.

Cancer is the most feared disease on the planet in the present times. Fear carries great Power. This Power can be directed for Complete Transformation for anyone experiencing Cancer.

Conscious Cancer® Program is a 13 Step Life Recovery Program which is designed to help anyone with Cancer symptoms “transcend” the Cancer imprint into Graceful Living.

This is an audio download with step by step guidelines and tools you can follow by yourself or in a group. These steps are based on universal laws and knowledge, so the knowledge is true now and always. Listening to the knowledge in the program will activate change and realisations in your consciousness, allowing grace to flow automatically in your life.
Every Human Being is unique and complex, and none can be compared with another.
The Conscious Cancer® program focuses on integrating the individual, in a way specific to them, so they can, literally, rebirth, and live a disease free life.

This program is created on the principles of Harmony, Unity and Order.
Harmonising the mental and emotional thoughts and memories, by resolving and distilling the person’s past experiences into usable data.

Unifying this data with their physical body. This new data creates Order in the cells of the body. This new order transforms and reboots the body’s biochemistry from stressful survival mode to successful thriving mode.

The first few steps of the Conscious Cancer® program help your body release mental, emotional and physical toxins, by opening up channels of acceptance and self will power, inner observership and sincerity.
As these toxins release, damaged cells in the body have a chance to rejuvenate and regenerate faster and the immune system begins to work in greater harmony with the other body systems.

These steps also support lifestyle and nutritional shifts and different supplements, herbs and homeopathic remedies have been recommended in the program.
The first steps result in tangible increases in physical energy, Joy and wellness.

The next few steps of the Conscious Cancer® program work on activating the awareness and consciousness of your cells and your body as a whole. This is done by activating the consciousness channels of gratitude, forgiveness and self responsibility. Your body’s cells are re-educated and reprogrammed for a healthier life style.
These programs include new dietary and eating habits and a change in physical movement routines, and new ways of communicating and expressing emotions.
A profound desire to live more fully emerges at this stage.

The final Steps of the program focus on your relationship with your environment and the people around you. Your whole body and mind system, learns new ways to relate in personal and social relationships.

This part of the program is vital for understanding your relationship with your own Self, and how this reflects onto your personal and communal space.
A deep sense of freedom and joy, within Wholeness is realized and an honor for Life and your own purpose within this Whole.

The Conscious Cancer® program holds your hand and leads you into deeper parts of yourself, in the final steps.
You integrate more parts of You, and expand into who You are becoming. At this point, you experience a rebirth, a stronger, more spiritually integrated version of yourself.

At the end of this 13 Step Program, the Cancer imprint becomes, for most people redundant.
You “transcend” the necessity of experiencing Cancer.
Living Life becomes more important than “having cancer”. You are not the same person as you were when you began your journey with the Conscious Cancer® program.
There is no guarantee of complete freedom from the Cancer, as there are no guarantees for anything in Life. But there is a guarantee of Transformation and integral Joy with the ability to experience your Life in Peace and Grace.

This sensitive process is facilitated with the complete personal support of Dr. Sangeeta Sahi, the creator of this program.

Conscious Cancer® System Introductory Seminar
Introduction of Conscious Cancer® System & Choosing The Best Doctor
Step One – The Individual Story
Step Two – Opening the Program of Conscious Acceptance
Step Three – Opening The Program Of Conscious Self Willpower
Step Four – Opening the Program of Conscious Observership & Sincerity
Step Five – Opening the Program of Conscious Self Love, Forgiveness & Gratitude
Step Six – Opening the Program of Conscious Self Responsibility
Step Seven – Opening the Program of Atomic Wholeness & Family Relationships
Step Eight – Extending Wholeness into Conscious Physical Self Image, Opening Consciousness to Extended Family Relationships
Step Nine – Integration: Opening the Program of Conscious Grace Into Life
Step Ten – Rebirth, Conscious Application of New Life Programs
Step Eleven – Opening the Program of Conscious Life Purpose
Step Twelve – Opening the Program of Conscious Action within Life Purpose, Opening the Program of Altruism
Step Thirteen – Opening the Program of Conscious Peace through Purpose, Conscious Relationships through Community Interactions


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