Genuine Human Being Process

A Human Being is designed to evolve as an integrated whole:

Spiritual-Mental-Emotional-Physical. Individual and collective evolution is essential for us to gain a clearer and wiser understanding about ourselves, our lives and the world we inhabit. This wisdom allows us to make choices and decisions which benefit ourselves, our community and our planet as a whole unit.


This evolution process is an individual one, but we only truly evolve individually while we are part of a family and a diverse global community. You would have observed, I’m sure, that when we connect with people who have different ways of thinking and living from our own, people from diverse cultures and backgrounds – it expands our own core knowledge and awareness. This needs to be integrated into our own individual system, allowing for a continuous upgrade within ourselves, so we can express and live as the best version of ourselves.

It is during this process of integration, that challenges – physical and non-physical may arise. We, human beings, for the most part, are afraid of what we don’t know or understand. Paradoxically, we cannot know or understand properly until the “new, or the unknown” experience has been integrated and realized into our physical “cellular brain”.

This realization process involves the integration of the heart and the brain. The heart and the brain operating coherently, with the application of specific, customised mind-matter mechanisms, enable our life’s program to be expressed gracefully and automatically in our lives.

Knowledge – Common Sense – Desireless Awareness, this is the sieve of purification and requires continuous practice. It is this practice which enables our human mind to become integrated with our human heart and our human brain, allowing us to express the wholeness of our existence in our daily lives. This is stillness in action. The doing as the being.

“The path is One and Single: The path of the Genuine Human Being, in service to Humanity.”

Physical Integration is the process of integration of knowledge and experience into the body’s cells. Every human being is a unique blueprint of existence and so are their dysfunctions. Within every problem exists an inherent solution, and so it is with the human body. It requires a “genuine” physician to communicate with and understand the subtle language of the mind of the cells and body systems. All of us, as individuals, are an exquisite and complex creation, multifaceted in nature and expression. Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dysfunctions arise from a lack of integration and communication between these different facets of Being.

The intention of my treatments on every level is for deeper and deeper integration between the physical body and the individual’s inner core, or “essence”. With the help of these integration processes, YOU exist in the present moment. Diseases disappear, stress dissolves, all resources required for living with purpose, manifest. These integration processes require a variety of tools which are completely natural, holistic , non invasive, with no side effects, and customized for each person. All that is required of you is to have a receptive mindset, which is open for transformation and change.

Living your life in synchronicity with the changes happening around you, gracefully and effortlessly- this is what dynamic reinvention is all about.

Using the Genuine Human Being Process® as a core blueprint for holistic systems upgrading, the Conscious Cancer® Program and the Mentorship Program for Genuine Leaders was created.