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Genuine Human Being

The Genuine Human Being is One whose BRAIN is merged with their ESSENCE, which is their universal life program.

A Genuine Human Being’s thoughts are one with their Essence, and with the Universe, aligned and integrated. This alignment allows the thoughts to be realised in every moment of Time. Being the real You, the authentic, Universal You. This is a natural process of evolution for everyone living on this planet now.

Evolution requires us to be adaptive, flexible and open to changes which affect every part of our lives.

The state of being a Genuine Human is flourishing and enjoying and sharing physical life in ever expanding states of higher consciousness, materially and spiritually.

For some people this is easy, for others it can be challenging. It’s an individual, unique process.

The key to this process of being Genuinely Human is continuous physical integration.

Data from our past and data about our future is stored in the layers of our brain. As we experience different life situations, this stored data of pleasant and unpleasant memories, and our genetics expresses itself through our physical bodies. These memories need to be resolved and integrated in an ordered way so that the learning from the past can be applied to the present and future life experiences consciously.
Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dysfunctions arise from a lack of integration and communication between these streams of data, leading to life crisis. Correct ordering occurs through the knowledge and application of universal principles, the core of which is love, compassion,  and respect, within your whole integrated system.
This integrated ordering opens up new and expansive life experiences effortlessly, gracefully, joyfully, respectfully, along with all the resources required to fulfill those experiences.

You experience a whole system upgrade integrating you with your life now, dissolving trauma from the past, yet connecting you solidly with your future.

This is the state of a Genuine Human Being…


The Essence of a Genuine Human Being

Every Being has an Essence and this Essence is our unique, individual  life program of Existence throughout all dimensions. The Spiritual Dimensions encompass the Totality of our Existence, as a whole.
Our individual Spirit exists within the Spiritual Totality, and our individual Essence program is the Power which connects our individual spirit to our unique part within the Spiritual Totality.

Our Essence Power expresses itself through our own genetic codes within our physical body and translates this Essence program into our unique life blueprint.

Our Essence program is a Universal life program, which means it encompasses all the dimensions in which we exist. We become aware of this during our life journey.

The more diverse life experiences we have, the more our Essence evolves and the more we learn and grow spiritually.

This is a dynamic and highly complex system of mechanisms and laws acting in coherence with the Spiritual Plan.

During this evolutionary process, that is during our life we may face challenges which need to be transcended.

Challenges may originate as spiritual, mental or emotional, but all are expressed as physical imbalances or disturbances.

These physical imbalances express themselves through the body’s immune system, nervous and endocrine systems.

Every physical disease or imbalance is a misaligned expression of the our individual Essence program. The program got stuck, or became infected with a virus! This usually happens during a point of transition in our lives.

In this situation help is required to neutralise the virus or to realign our Essence program.


Program Alignment

The core of the Essence program alignment is Love and Respect. This core expands and integrates exponentially with Knowledge and Truth, through time and experienced events, culminating in the expression of Wisdom.



Wisdom is a blend and expression of infinite love, infinite tolerance, and infinite patience, filtered through the trinity of intellect, logic and awareness, applied in the perfect moment of time.


The Evolutionary Program

A Human Being is designed to evolve as an Integrated Whole. Evolution is essential for us to gain higher and higher levels of consciousness whilst living in our daily lives. Evolution is essential for Self mastery and Life mastery.
This evolution process is an individual one, but we only evolve individually while we are part of a family and a  diverse global community. We connect with people who have different ways of thinking and living from our own, people from unknown cultures and backgrounds to understand and exchange and expand our core knowledge and awareness. This needs to be integrated into our own system, allowing for a system upgrade.

It is during this process of integration that challenges, physical and non-physical may arise. Human Beings, for the most part, are afraid of what they don’t know or understand. Paradoxically, the individual cannot know or understand until the “new, or unknown” experience has been Integrated and Realized into our physical “cellular brain”.

This Realization process involves the Integration of the Heart and the Brain. The Heart and the Brain operating coherently, applying the mechanism of Intellect-Logic-Awareness enable our life program to be expressed gracefully and effortlessly in our lives.

Knowledge – Common Sense – Desireless Awareness, this is the sieve of purification and requires continuous practice. It is this practice which enables the Human Mind to become integrated with the Heart and Brain allowing the expression of the Wholeness of Existence in our daily lives. This is stillness in action. The Doing as the Being.


Physical Integration

Every human being is a unique blueprint of Existence and so are their dysfunctions. Within every problem exists an inherent solution, and so it is with the human body. It requires a “genuine” physician to communicate with and understand the subtle language of the Mind of the cells and body systems. This communication is based on empathy and compassion and knowledge. And through this bond of Trust, the body’s Truth reveals itself. Each Human Being is an exquisite and complex creation, multifaceted in nature and expression. Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dysfunctions arise from a lack of integration and communication between these different facets of Being.
The intention of my treatments on every level is for deeper and deeper integration between the Physical body and the Essence, or in Spiritual terms the Soul. Through these Integration Processes the you exist in the Present Moment. Diseases disappear, stress dissolves, all resources required for living on purpose, manifest. These Integration Processes require a variety of tools which are completely natural, holistic , non invasive, with no side effects, and customized for each person.

Living your life in synchronicity with the changes happening around you, gracefully, effortlessly and joyfully.



Unification at the Physical level is experienced when each cell in our body performs its function in a balanced and optimum manner, whilst co-operating with every other cell in the body. This results in our body working most efficiently as a SINGLE and Whole complete computerized unit.

Intense Cosmic frequencies continuously flooding our planet are accelerating the rate of human evolution. If our body is not in alignment with itself and its environment, this can lead to immense stress. This stress can be alleviated and the evolutionary process made more graceful using certain technologies.
Our body’s independent internal circuitry is the nervous system. The nervous system works in tandem with the endocrine system.

This neuro-endocrinal system can be brought into coherence and alignment with the Unified magnetic fields of the Cosmos, allowing us to access new and unknown frequencies in a more balanced and graceful manner.
On a Collective level, Unification is experienced when a human being functioning as an independent, universal unit is in co-operation with other independently functioning human beings, working together as a SINGLE, UNIFIED Whole.

The foundational criteria of Unification on a Collective level is Respect and Acceptance for ourselves and for each other, and Responsibility for ourselves and for our World.