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Mentorship Program for Genuine Leaders

Do you know what it means to live your life as the best version of yourself, consistently?

Do you know how to be on a clear, focussed, successful and fulfilling journey in life?

Are you someone who wants to impact, serve, influence, manifest and create at the highest level?

Being a leader in today’s dynamically evolving, post pandemic world requires a clear alignment of goals, skills, talent, and wholesome qualities: joy, compassion, contribution and continuous creativity. And an integration of these facets results in authentic and consistent success.

I have created a highly personalised program designed to bring out your unique and greatest potential.

The Mentorship Program for Genuine Leaders was curated and continuously upgraded over years by working with thousands of people, adapting their experiences and multidisciplinary knowledge. Over the course of this program, we address every part of your life, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and creative, while customizing the program and reinventing you, all to help you become your best possible version.

Here are some of the things you will over experience over the course of the Mentorship Program for Genuine Leaders:

  • You experience a consistent upgrade of your consciousness and a transformation in your physical life quickly and gracefully.
  • You awaken and expand your awareness of who you are and what you are capable of doing by activating higher human capacities than what you have been used to living with.
  • You understand challenges in your own life’s journey and learn how to overcome them simply without drama and wastage of resources.
  • You learn to tap into your personal resources and power easily.

Nicole Connors on Dr Sangeeta Sahi’s Mentorship for Leaders Program

The duration has been decided after evaluating hundreds of experiences – this gives the most optimal and sustainable results and transformations. It consists of an individual, 60 minute session once a week online for 12 weeks. During this period, you will have access to me anytime for questions, insights, guidance through email or WhatsApp. However, if you’re still curious about how we will further work together in this program or if you’d like to talk to me personally, you can schedule a 15 minute call with me using the link given below.

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The people I worked with

I reached out to Sangeeta at one of the lowest points in my life. I had experienced a somewhat recent event that had left me broken, and even more lost than I was prior to that event. I had experienced many difficulties in life leading up to that episode as well, so I was desperate.
Sangeeta has changed my life forever, and is continuing to do so each week. Through working with Sangeeta I have gained the courage to pursue what is more than a dream, but what I feel is my soul purpose. She has helped me to follow my path and be in alignment. In the nine months that I have been working with her, I have achieved what I never thought possible, and it is just the beginning. I now feel very fulfilled, much better from the inside out, as important as anyone in the history of the world, and that I can play a pivotal role here on earth.

Despite my younger age, I have had extensive experience with other spiritual teachers (self-identified or not) and literature. The sacred texts and self-help books were sometimes helpful, but oftentimes not personal enough, and typically resonated with my head or intellect, but nothing more. The spiritual guides themselves were very energetically attuned, and connected higher up, but could not seem to substantially pass their zen or living wisdom onto me. Quick and powerful, but often short-lived, boosts was often what I would receive. Sangeeta can both walk the walk, and talk the talk. She can be in-spirit/in-flow, and explain universal truths, through both Eastern and Western frameworks, in a way that is understandable both energetically and intellectually. She can bridge the mind and the soul.
However, as I alluded to earlier, the most important thing she has done for me, beyond passing on ancient Eastern wisdom, or unveiling hidden inner-workings of the universe, has been helping me align with my purpose and living beyond myself. That is where the real wisdom lies. I remember after my first session with Sangeeta, which was over two hours long, a healer I know from the Middle East randomly called me and said he could feel my energy, even though he was halfway across the world. My energy was booming that day, because I had felt something I had not felt in a long time—hope.

Mark W., Redwood City, CA USA, January 2021
Dr. Sangeeta sessions gave me deep, deep clarity into myself, of which I didn’t even know was possible! Her perspective and knowledge is a gamechanger, and I am truly grateful I found her! I will be leaning on her expertise for many, many years to come! Looking forward to the continued journey deeper into myself, Cheers!
Don Powell, Tampa, Florida, USA

I was referred to Dr. Sahi by an extremely successful mentor of mine. It was initially because I was very curios about meditation as a practice. Little did I know working with Dr. Sahi would change my life.

I’m the CEO of one of Boston’s fastest growing companies. Before I began working with Dr. Sahi, I was working hard long hours (close to 100 hours per week). That’s what I believed running a startup demanded of me. This has since changed after working with Dr. Sahi for the past 3 months.

Now, what used to take me 1 hour to do… takes me 20 minutes. I have so much clarity about my life. My work has changed, my health has changed, my daily habits keep improving, how I interact with others is insightful and meaningful now… and the list goes on and on. I have also been “miraculously” attracting things into my life seamlessly. Things that I would push myself to do, I seem to be pulled to do them now without stress or force. I have patience and awareness in many situations that I would not have had previously.

I have coaches for many other things in my life, and they are all incredible. However, I am absolutely shocked at the results I have already had with Dr. Sahi. They’re unbelievable, and I feel the words in this testimonial actually limit me in sharing the impact she has had on my life.

I am so excited for my future and love the life I am living. I credit this new awareness and these new abilities to Dr. Sahi and her work.

I am so grateful for you, Dr. Sahi.

Walid Halty, Boston, USA

I was reading the book, “Connected to Goodness, Manifesting Everything You Desire in Business and Life”, by David Meltzer. He notes how synchronistically on a plane he meets Dr Sangeeta Sahi and how studying with her accelerated his life’s journey. I immediately knew that I had to experience this.
I emailed and then was able to connect with Sangeeta in her Mentorship Program.

It has been life changing for me in 12 weeks. Her ability to tap into the universal consciousness is amazing. She has 4 generations of experience as well as her own educational journey to combine the best of the current medical knowledge and ancient secrets from healers that she has studied with.

She takes complex information and breaks it down into simple pieces or steps that one takes on a journey for self-transformation. Life is finding Balance and Thriving not just Surviving in the current world that we live in. She is able to teach one a simple meditation that connects one to self and then daily setting a tone that creates more consistent harmony in one’s life-personal, family, business, friends and universal. She can share and teach how current events in one’s life are able to be more in synchronicity and flowing to achieve success in your daily life.

She has assisted me in improving every phase of my life.

I am so very “Thankful”.

Ramon Katy, Texas, USA - Jan 4, 2020

Dr. Sahi helped me understand how I can hear my inner voice for guidance on a daily basis. The morning and evening breathing techniques and meditations have been very helpful in my journey. She also helped me release the traumas that I had been carrying and create a neutrality within me, which helped create more inner peace and clarity. I understood more about how the universe works from our discussions and her guidance. She helped me improve every part of my life, and I am very thankful!

D. H., Dubai, UAE October 2022
Dr. Sahi truly changed my life! In the short amount of time we spent together she helped get my anxiety under control, cleared a skin condition I couldn’t get rid of, and helped me deal with clients more effectively. Ever since working with her my career has exploded! I would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their lives!
J.M., Los Angeles, USA
Working with Dr. Sahi was truly a transformative experience. There was an instant sense of peace the first time we talked and I knew then that my conversations with her would be meaningful. With the intellect of a doctor and the wisdom of a guru she was able to provide insight and guidance that helped me understand myself and work through my personal challenges related career and pursuit of my goals. Her knowledge of the scientific and spiritual essence of the human experience that she shared with me greatly expanded my understanding of life and how I relate to myself and others. I will forever be grateful for our time together and the new perspective that I now have to carry forward with me the rest of my life.
Quinn Ferrall, Chicago, USA

I have been working with Sangeeta for several months and as well as thoroughly enjoying our weekly sessions, have found clarity of purpose and a new focus on the direction my life is heading.

Sangeeta is very adept at reading the underlying story and assisting in putting in place methods by which we can truly follow the path the universe has prepared for us.

The time I have spent with her has been life changing for me and my family as a result and I am truly thankful!

S.A., Lake Tahoe , USA

“Dr. Sahi (Sangeeta), was recommended to me by a board member at our company. I believe he described his treatment experience with her as “life changing”, and it is.

Right from her first session with me, I could feel it. I could feel Sangeeta’s energy, and her ability to help me express what needed to come out and to be worked on was surprising. Over the years, I have worked with other doctors and therapists for my anxiety. We would always get to a point where the anxiety was diagnosed and somewhat quelled; yet I never felt like the anxiety was managed, and it wasn’t.

During my time working with Sangeeta, I was launching a company, had moved to another state, and encountered many of the other stuff life often throws at you, such as family and financial issues. It was one the most anxious times of my life, and I was having a very difficult time. We spoke weekly, and it was invaluable. Her meditation direction alone was as life changing as it was life saving. I have tried guided meditation several times in the past without nearly as much calm, peacefulness, and personal insight as I achieved with Dr. Sahi. Her meditation techniques are now a very welcomed and necessary part of my daily health.
I learned a great deal about myself and not just about anxiety (as with previous treatments). That knowledge about who I am lead to how I can function and, most importantly, it helped me to finally manage my anxiety. Also, it’s very important for me to mention, that although she was not specifically treating me for any ailments, I experienced exceptional pain relief. I have suffered from chronic back pain for decades, and this is longest period without pain that I have ever had.
Overall, the outcome of my experience with her seems surreal. All of my life, I have done things and achieved success out of fear and with much anxiety and worry, which has been exhausting and scary at times. Now, it’s as if there was a barrier in the way of calm and a life with significantly less fear that I have broken through and am now on the other side of it feeling a new me.

Thank you, Sangeeta.

Marc Connors, San Francisco, CA, USA