Hello my dear friends,
Transformation through Silence.

I’ve had many interactions with people this week about the challenges they are experiencing in their lives, and about how much pain is coming up in their bodies as they go through these experiences.

Our mind identifies a challenge as something that exists for it to overcome.
When life is not going according to the way we had planned or imagined, then our mind registers this as a challenge.

A challenge that needs to be “modified” in order to fit with the reality that our mind wants to experience.
Our mind, however, is a limited operating system.
It functions, integrally with data and information that it already knows and is familiar.

A challenge, therefore, in most cases is interpreted as a form of “adversity”.

This sort of labelling is an outcome of centuries of collective cultural conditioning and data programming.

Changing the programming and recontextualisng the data may take a long time, but what if we could individually, change our perception through changing the meaning of our words?

The word adversity carries within it a charge of reactive opposition.
A challenge is, generally, seen as something that is an obstacle to achieving/getting what we want.

We, as a collective, have energetically charged our words with meaning which represent positive, negative or neutral potentials.

And when we speak or hear these words our mind’s computer system relays them to our body as positive, negative or neutral. And our body responds according to the signals it receives from our mind.

This is why the Ancients called this three dimensional world, a world of illusion.


Because this world and the life we live, is a cause and effect of limited mind data, based upon memories linked to the past. And we are slaves of this duality based upon positive/negative responses.

So we keep reliving the same patterns and behaviours, until we reach a point where the charges and potentials are exhausted (which could take a while), or until we’re bored of reliving the same patterns over and over.

And we’ve labelled this the “evolutionary process”.

How can we accelerate this process? How can we consciously neutralise the negative/positive charges, and start thinking and feeling differently?

Essentially, how can we feel alive again, beyond a processing machine?

The first step is silence. Silence brings stillness and non reactivity.
Even if our mind cannot be silent, at least our tongue can.

In many parts of the world, people undertake an intense and powerful process of mind data and communication fasting.

I’ve gone through this process many times in my life, and now it’s become automatic.
For periods of time, however much I feel I need, I stop speaking or reading or watching, ANYTHING consciously.

I let whatever comes into my mind and vision, without feeling happy or sad, or worried.
And I don’t search for anything else to replace those emotions or thoughts either.
Most people reading this, would say, well this is meditation, isn’t it?

Maybe it is, but that’s just another conditioned label, which has a meaning and a charge.

It just is. No meaning, no charge, no limits, and therefore, no structure.

Do the process, and then become the process.

If we could become this process in everything we do all the time in our lives, then we would never experience challenge or pain or adversity.
We would not be intrinsically affected by people’s verbalised thoughts, emotions or opinions.

We would only experience Life Itself.

And the foundational structure of Life is joy and love.

We don’t need to withdraw from the world anymore in order to silence ourselves.
This three dimensional world is a great practice playground to master and hone our skills for mastering ourselves and sharing our love and joy!

If you would like help with dissolving limitations and thriving in your own unique way, please contact me at drsangeetasahi@gmail.com.

Here’s to our increasing joy and vitality!

Dr Sangeeta Sahi