Hello my dear friends,
My work has been deeply influenced by the teachings and discoveries of Sri Aurobindo and his spiritual partner, Mira Alfassa.

They discovered the workings of the human mind, from the basic automatic mind, up to the complex workings of the universal mind.
Sri Aurobindo and Mira Alfassa, aka the Mother, dissected their own minds and its influences, step by step, using universal logic.
They compiled and communicated, from their findings, a vast data bank of knowledge, called simply, “The Knowledge”.

According to these findings, there is nothing in our bodies, physically, that create diseases.
Disease is how our minds express their own discomfort to their external environment, through our body.
If we can change our mind and allow it to be more flexible, then we change our bodies automatically.
Or if we support our bodies to become more flexible, then our minds follow the body’s direction.
The most powerful change comes about when you combine the two- support our mind and body to become more and more flexible together.
The Conscious Cancer® program, also known as Conscious Awakening®, is a 13 step by step program, based upon the principles of mind/body integration and quantum physics.
The foundation of these integrations are Unity, Harmony, Order.

I designed this online audio program to give people, who needed a guiding hand, simple tools they could use by themselves, or in a group.

Many therapists and teachers all around the world have started using the tools within the program, in their individual and group practices and are experiencing tangible “upgrades of awareness and realisations”, very quickly.
The results of each step are magnificent.
The steps allow you to gently open up and expand your body and mind’s consciousness to deeper levels of understanding and reception, and grace, at your own unique pace.

I encourage each one of you to experience the benefits of the Conscious Awakening®/Conscious Cancer® programs for yourselves and let me know what you experience.

To our health and happiness!