Hello my dear friends,
Peaceful Eating!

It’s holiday time again.
A time for coming together, celebrating community and feasting.

Most of us indulge in activities this time of the year, that make us feel like we’re out of control.
And then we move into the spiral of regret, perhaps demotivation. If we’re lucky we find a way to motivate ourselves, make resolutions and intentions and move back into discipline mode.

What if there was a quick way to bypass this lengthy process and gently and gracefully overcome overindulgence?

I invite you to join me in a simple and effective way to do just that!
Before we begin our communal feasting this holiday season, let’s go into a quiet space- this doesn’t have to be long, even a minute is enough.
Let’s breathe into our navel point, a few slow, deep breaths, and instruct our body’s cells to be in Peace.
We can say it out loud or think it over and over again, “Peace, Peace, Peace”, over and over as many times as you feel is appropriate.
Allow this feeling to absorb into your whole body, into your cells as deep as it’s wiling to go.
Let’s  be still for a few moments, enjoy this tranquil space.

And then we can begin our feasting!
I’ve done this process many times, and each time I experience that I only eat as much as my body wants, no more. And I also eat only what my body wants to eat, rather than attaching to habitual eating patterns!

I’ve found that I enjoy the whole experience of not just my food and drink, but also the people around me, in a more relaxed and natural manner.
I don’t focus on anything in particular, but just on enjoying the moment I’m in with myself and others.

It’s simple, natural and effective.
Try it and see for yourself!

Joyful, Peace filled holidays to all of us!
May we be blessed with Grace always!
Enjoy, until we meet again in 2018!

Happy holidays!

Here’s to our increasing joy and vitality!

Dr Sangeeta Sahi