Hello dear friends,


Sleep is a major concern for many people today.

Are we getting enough sleep? I don’t think the quantity of sleep is the issue, but the quality.
When we experience quality sleep, the body enters a space of near paralysis, to relax and activate rejuvenating mechanisms.

These rejuvenating mechanisms, not only allow regeneration of cellular tissues, but also allow our subconscious minds to off load data and neutralise memories that are no longer relevant in our daily lives.

We’re curious about our dreams. I’ve been asked many times what dreams mean.
I don’t think there are any straight forward answers.

Dreams are visions released during deep relaxation- mental, emotional and physical, which are set free from different parts of our mind.
For me, it’s like watching a disjointed movie, at times.

Visions, that I may have experienced during my day, or questions that I may have asked myself or others, that maybe unresolved.
Parts of my subconscious or unconscious mind unfold and communicate resolutions to my conscious mind.
These visions may also communicate what’s ahead, perhaps, to prepare us, especially, if we may be troubled about what’s next.

Our minds are, in their essential format, complex problem solving  mechanisms working together to help us function optimally in our environments.

How can we experience good quality sleep?

I’ve found, doing a minute of deep breathing to prepare for sleep, helps to loosen my mind and body.
Deep breathing also signals the mind and body that we are ready to switch off, literally, and go into sleep mode.

Magnesium powders, diluted in water, also help to relax the muscles and nervous system, helping to loosen up the physical cells and signal relaxation mode.

The Ancients communicated that deep, deep sleep was akin to death.
We die to our present day, releasing every part of that day, and are reborn the next morning!
Another day, another life!

Another chance to experience our Existence and Play!

Here’s to our increasing joy and vitality!

Dr Sangeeta Sahi