Dharamkot, Mcleod Ganj, Himachal Pradesh, India


“Thank you very much for the really intense 3-day seminar “Yoga for Autoimmune Diseases” you hold at the Soul of Yoga in Encinitas August 2022. These 3 days were really very insightful and interesting and helped me a lot in my daily work as a Therapist and Leadership Coach. Not only was the content very well prepared, but also the depth of your knowledge was conveyed. Thank you very much – I am already looking forward to further seminars with you.”

Monique Menesi
San Diego, CA
August 2022


“Dr. Sangeeta is one of the most brilliant women I have had the honor of being in the company of. She knows how to meet people where they are and then help elevate them. Being in her presence is a huge energy transmission. If you are looking for a serious upgrade, then get to know this woman and her incredible message.”

Big hugs from San Diego, California
Sita Severson


“I had the immense privilege to sit with Dr. Sangeeta Sahi for my course on Yoga for Autoimmune Disease in August at the Soul of Yoga in Encinitas, CA. Dr. Sahi’s 3 day class was so very enlightening on the Ayurvedic approach to these diseases. Even more thrilling was her overall WHOLE-istic approach and view. I’ve never heard anyone so passionately and eloquently bring to life the levels of the body and soul and how they interact with the elements, bringing the entirety of the person in or out of balance. I have a deeper understanding and ongoing curiosity to go deeper in study thanks to this lovely human. I am forever grateful for her brilliant light and mind.”

All my love
Erin Faison
Dallas and Oregon, USA
August 2022


“Dr. Sangeeta’s passion for spreading the wisdom of modern medicine delicately woven with integrative ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and Spirituality reflects in her teachings.
She goes deep into the subject and has the capacity to make her students look at the subject in myriad different ways. I personally feel She has brought a shift in the way I view and perceive my body at the cellular level.”

Anusuiya Bharadwaj
San Diego, USA
August 2022


I reached out to Sangeeta at one of the lowest points in my life. I had experienced a somewhat recent event that had left me broken, and even more lost than I was prior to that event. I had experienced many difficulties in life leading up to that episode as well, so I was desperate.

Sangeeta has changed my life forever, and is continuing to do so each week. Through working with Sangeeta I have gained the courage to pursue what is more than a dream, but what I feel is my soul purpose. She has helped me to follow my path and be in alignment. In the nine months that I have been working with her, I have achieved what I never thought possible, and it is just the beginning. I now feel very fulfilled, much better from the inside out, as important as anyone in the history of the world, and that I can play a pivotal role here on earth.

Despite my younger age, I have had extensive experience with other spiritual teachers (self-identified or not) and literature. The sacred texts and self-help books were sometimes helpful, but oftentimes not personal enough, and typically resonated with my head or intellect, but nothing more. The spiritual guides themselves were very energetically attuned, and connected higher up, but could not seem to substantially pass their zen or living wisdom onto me. Quick and powerful, but often short-lived, boosts was often what I would receive. Sangeeta can both walk the walk, and talk the talk. She can be in-spirit/in-flow, and explain universal truths, through both Eastern and Western frameworks, in a way that is understandable both energetically and intellectually. She can bridge the mind and the soul.

However, as I alluded to earlier, the most important thing she has done for me, beyond passing on ancient Eastern wisdom, or unveiling hidden inner-workings of the universe, has been helping me align with my purpose and living beyond myself. That is where the real wisdom lies. I remember after my first session with Sangeeta, which was over two hours long, a healer I know from the Middle East randomly called me and said he could feel my energy, even though he was halfway across the world. My energy was booming that day, because I had felt something I had not felt in a long time—hope.

Mark W
Redwood City, CA
USA, January 2021


“Dr. Sangeeta sessions gave me deep, deep clarity into myself, of which I didn’t even know was possible! Her perspective and knowledge is a gamechanger, and I am truly grateful I found her! I will be leaning on her expertise for many, many years to come! Looking forward to the continued journey deeper into myself, Cheers!”

Don Powell
Tampa, Florida, USA


“Throughout my life, I had relied on my keen intellect to problem solve and objectively look at my life. I tried to choose the best possible strategies for growth and wellness. Emotions had their place. Positive emotions were useful to communicate with my family and to express gratitude to the Universe. Negative emotions were strictly forbidden, repressed, and forgotten. For years, this process served me well and I manifested a beautiful life.

When I came to Dr. Sangeeta, I was tangled up in a web of confusion. My process was not working any more. Manifestations were not occurring, and my negative emotions would not be ignored. I knew I was going through a transition.  I was being called to evolve to my next stage of enlightenment, but I was confounded and just could not find a logical solution to my spiritual problem. Every aspect of my life was being challenged and my role as a CEO was becoming overwhelming.

Dr. Sangeeta encouraged me to embrace my whole authentic self. She patiently and methodically helped me through the process of opening the flood gates of a lifetime of repressed negative emotions. She shared her light with me while I navigated through my own darkness. Together, we healed old wounds and restored the balance in my life. With her guidance and encouragement, I was able to transition to my next stage of enlightenment, renew my enthusiasm for my work and live my life authentically and fully.

Thankfully, I was working with Dr. Sangeeta while myself and members of my family contracted COVID-19. Sangeeta was able to work with us to embrace Ayurvedic therapies and to keep our stress levels to a minimum as our bodies struggled with the deadly virus. All of us have recovered.”

—Nicole Connors, Spokane, USA


Nicole Connors on Dr Sangeeta Sahi’s Mentorship for Leaders Program


Working with Dr. Sahi has been a riveting experience. My biggest advice for you is to work with her without expectations and watch things and your view of life transform.

Dr. Sahi is gifted at elucidating and addressing the underlying drivers behind life’s challenges and stages. She is very simple to work with, and in her simplicity lies the real jewel of her mentorship and guidance.

After 3 months, my relationships, mindset, connection to; myself, family, friends, work, possibility, and the universe is fundamentally different (in a great way). I did not realize the impact of my actions, and the rabbit hole I was in until I started working with her. Now, my life simply flows.

Needless to say, I’m having a heightened experience of life since seeking Dr. Sahi’s help. If you are on this page, then there is a reason for it. Make the decision to do the deep work, and invest in yourself by working with Dr. Sangeeta. I am thankful I did, you will be too.

Adeyemi Adeyosoye
London, United Kingdom


I was referred to Dr. Sahi by an extremely successful mentor of mine. It was initially because I was very curios about meditation as a practice. Little did I know working with Dr. Sahi would change my life.

I’m the CEO of one of Boston’s fastest growing companies. Before I began working with Dr. Sahi, I was working hard long hours (close to 100 hours per week). That’s what I believed running a startup demanded of me. This has since changed after working with Dr. Sahi for the past 3 months.

Now, what used to take me 1 hour to do… takes me 20 minutes. I have so much clarity about my life. My work has changed, my health has changed, my daily habits keep improving, how I interact with others is insightful and meaningful now… and the list goes on and on. I have also been “miraculously” attracting things into my life seamlessly. Things that I would push myself to do, I seem to be pulled to do them now without stress or force. I have patience and awareness in many situations that I would not have had previously.

I have coaches for many other things in my life, and they are all incredible. However, I am absolutely shocked at the results I have already had with Dr. Sahi. They’re unbelievable, and I feel the words in this testimonial actually limit me in sharing the impact she has had on my life.

I am so excited for my future and love the life I am living. I credit this new awareness and these new abilities to Dr. Sahi and her work.

I am so grateful for you, Dr. Sahi.

Walid Halty
Boston, USA


Dr. Sahi truly changed my life! In the short amount of time we spent together she helped get my anxiety under control, cleared a skin condition I couldn’t get rid of, and helped me deal with clients more effectively. Ever since working with her my career has exploded! I would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their lives!

Los Angeles, USA


Working with Dr.Sangeeta has been a very new and a completely amazing experience, not only physically but also mentally.
From day one I experienced significant results- i felt grounded, balanced and wholesome during my long busy work schedule.
My energy levels didn’t fluctuate to crazy heights or lows, as it did before. I got through the most challenging tasks and conversations with ease and joy.
I am feeling so fortunate and grateful for getting the chance to meet such a lovely, kind person and enjoy the instant impact of her great wisdom in such short while.
Basak Oruc
Istanbul, Turkey


I am a medical doctor specialized in Oncology. I visited Dr. Sangeeta Sahi mainly for general information about Ayurvedic lifestyle, to gain some awareness on the balance of mind and soul, and their relationship with body. Our powerful and very convincing talk simply about life rewired me to mindfully understand and accept the big fight inside me, between my mind and soul, resisting to my principle needs and more specifically the need for change, lack of which is creating a gap to have a 2-way healthy communication with myself and the surrounding universe.

Prior to my visit to her, I had a complaint of feeling rather old or getting older faster than it should be, mostly because of my low energy, aching knees with a feel of weakness, morning stiffness at my joints and waking up twice a night for biological needs that I always explained with a natural fact of aging men. Following her treatment that she applied to me, I felt like something was working especially in my right knee, I could feel my blood flowing through, and things were accumulating there. Knowing that my right cruciate ligament (the cross links) was partially torn due to sports accident years ago, this situation took most of my attention why I mainly felt the change in this part of my body. The next morning was also different, general morning stiffness that I had especially at my knees and ankles was very little when I woke up, and it was all gone the next day. My legs started to feel stronger and this very nice thing maintained even until now, that I am dropping these lines almost 2 weeks later. This was not all, the frequency of night wake-ups decreased as well, it was once a night for the following week, and very surprisingly now I am having a very healthy sleep of 7 hours, uninterrupted.

Thanks to Dr Sahi, not only making me feel better and healthy, but also providing a complementary perspective to my professional life that makes me feel whole.


Istanbul, Turkey


It was 10 days after my appointment with Dr Sangeeta Sahi that I felt strangely energetic and fresh. Before then I was in a state of losing life energy and joy. I am a twin mother (3 years old) with two older kids and I work 3 days in private practice and 4 days household. I was too busy and doesn’t have time for anything and feeling tired and weary. Also I had pain in my knees, back and head and sleep disorder.
Thanks and praises to Dr Sangeeta Sahi that she made the perfect touch and now I am like an old tree with fresh leaves all over again. I started her Ayurveda course and now I feel like I have time for anything I wanted to do.
Dear Dr. Sangeeta, thank you for being such a great healer and a teacher.

Istanbul, Turkey


Dr Sangeeta Sahi,

First of all allow me please to express my sincere thanks for the time you took for me for a very careful examination and the following treatment.

Since years I did not talk about the traumas I had to experience 13 years and then again 10 years ago.

For a very long time I was complaining of back and neck aches which are now much easier, along with sleep problems. The Ayurvedic medicines you prescribed have helped to relieve my pains, my sleep is deeper and I feel totally rested when I get up early in the morning. The Ayurvedic herbs for my skin, I notice the dark spots on my face and hands get more and more invisible and the skin quality is much improved.

I am looking forward to our next meeting with impatience.

Please accept my deep consideration.
Yours sincerely
Istanbul, Turkey


I was very blessed to have listened to a radio interview Dr Sangeeta Sahi did in April, 2018 where she mentioned her Conscious Cancer® program. This was the first time I had heard Dr Sahi speak and I was immediately taken in by her warmth and her voice.

Even though the radio interview was not about her Conscious Cancer® program, I was so drawn to all that Dr Sahi shared that I decided I would participate in her Conscious Cancer® program and I am so happy that I did. I do not have cancer however the program is suitable for anyone who wishes to have a greater understanding and conscious awareness of themselves at every level ~~ physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Dr. Sahi leads you through a 13 Step self paced program, where one step gently leads you to the next and on to completion of the program. Dr. Sahi shares so much of her knowledge and wisdom, with many very easy to follow tools for practicing as you choose. I was surprised to discover that as well as audios in each step, there is also written text which is a precis of the audio, which makes review of each step extremely simple.

For me, at completion of the course, I was aware of many subtle changes in my understanding of life, the Universe and in particular my part in it all, together with a resounding sense of peace and overall wellbeing.

Thankyou Dr Sahi for all that you shared in this program, for the love, caring and warmth which was so easily felt and for the strong and powerful, but gentle, vibration that is you. I feel very honoured to have made the connection with you.

Lea ~ ~ ~ Australia


I have been speaking to Dr Sangeeta for the past 8 years for any emotional or health related issue which in any case is also emotional in origin.

I can’t recall a single instance when just speaking to her did not heal me completely at all levels. The best part is that when you start understanding the conflicts within, then it’s released and there is a transformation in the cellular structure within the body. The body begins to heal and it shows you enough ways in which it is releasing the unnecessary stuff. Like you may find yourself crying a lot, increase in pain in your body, fluctuation in blood pressure, a desire to live in your authentic self and much much more.

One can easily see and feel a change in the mind and body after a session with Dr Sangeeta. The best part is that for you its almost instant mostly.

I highly recommend Dr Sangeeta for any physical disease. To understand what’s causing it to correct your own thought and action patterns, to change to the natural cellular structure and to heal the body… All happening together and at once.

I am truly grateful to her for making me feel healthy time and again.

Thank you
– B.K. from Kuwait


I was diagnosed with breast cancer early September this year. For the last 2 months I have tried almost everything not to have an operation from constant meditation, soul healing techniques to phytotherapy, from eating the right foods, cutting sugar etc. What kept me awake at nights was my soul not being comfortable about anything,I was thinking about “cancer” ,my future and my son all the time. My body was tense, I was agitated most of the time and I was not showing enough attention to myself and my surroundings. The “cancer” was controlling my life. I have known Sangeeta for a long time, as soon as I have seen her work about Conscious Cancer on Facebook I decided to contact her. She is such a pure soul and energy body. We had a chat about my life and her life for the last 6 years. In our fist session, I have immediately felt the change in my whole body. It was as if I was charged from the universe, from the Source with positive and full-filling energy and it was as if the connection was rebuilt. It really is very hard to explain as the experiences would be very unique to each individual, but what I can clearly say is that I was not happy at all, and right after one session I was full of joy. I did want to move my physical body a lot instead of lying on bed, I did want to clean my closets and my house, a bigger energy was in my body and it was to last forever. During the other sessions, I came to understand the word “conscious cancer” even though I did not like using the word at the first stage, I began to understand that it was a gift for me to shape up my life, my body, my career… everything.

The journey is still going on, and I owe a lot to Sangeeta, who taught me to believe in my body and my soul at the same time. I am more aware of my heart, more decisive of what I am doing and more aware of the energies surrounding my, I do not panic suddenly, I listen to my inner voice and I trust my inner voice. I feel more connected at all levels: mind, body and soul… I started to observe the changes that took place in my relationships with people, my attitude towards events in life, and changes in my body. Through focusing on how all of it made me feel and acting from that feeling, even more desirable change came into my life.

I suggest everyone who is going through tough times like cancer to experience these. Sangeeta is a very special soul and a very open all time teacher, I feel privileged to having met her again. She not only helped me change my life but also accepted my boundaries and sometimes pushed them. Thank you thank you thank you Sangeeta …

– R.B.,
Istanbul, Turkey


Many thanks to Dr Sangeeta Sahi

Going back to my first session with her seems like long time ago now, but it has only been 2 months.

I have been going through some physical and psychological processes in my life since Jan. 2014 (today Oct. 2015). You know when it comes, it hits you from every aspect of your life, which seems like this test will never be over.

Although I had a very proper diet and kept exercising, my body started to bloat around Oct. 2014 and I gained 10kg within 1 month. I hadn’t had my periods for a while.

I had been to many professors who are very well known experts in their field.. I tried every kind of diet and workout, nothing worked. This lasted for a year and I had lost my hope. I decided not to go to doctors any more, and just decided to let it be.. But being a health and weight conscious person, I was very unhappy to see my body like that as I have been exercising since the age of 15 and I had never felt like this before. It wasn’t only the weight it was also the hormone imbalance, that made me miserable and depressed.
Then … I met her ! By the end of my 1st treatment, where we worked on my past emotional history, and traumas associated with that, I started to feel a huge release. Dr Sangeeta gave me some Chinese herbs and after 2 days of taking them, whatever toxins that had been held in my body from years were released, and the bloating just disappeared. I felt the full difference after a week.

Now I’ve lost 6kg. And my bad moods are ancient history. I feel more alive than I’ve ever felt, and hopeful and peaceful, all at the same time. I really get what she said at the end of our 1st session: “there are no promises, there are results”

– M.C. from Istanbul, Turkey


My expectation was really high when I received the intro email about the workshop from Dr Sangeeta Sahi, under whom I trained in other modalities previously. I have no hesitation from signing up based on my previous experience; I knew my thirst about the subject will be quenched. As I anticipated, the workshop was an all encompassing delivery of what was promised and beyond.

During the workshop over two days, there was, not only plenty of information, but also exercises and changes happening on all levels. In my case, my appetite has been changed, no more need for snacking, more awareness about my diet and the quantity I need has been reduced greatly. My body is much more sensitive if I eat wrong type of food, or eating too much.

Sharing each other’s experience and explanation from Dr Sahi during the workshop makes it as personal and as inclusive for the whole group across all levels. The workshop felt like an offering of spiritual delights for the participants to take based on their own needs.

One particular strengthen I really appreciate about Dr Sahi’s deliverance, is that she challenges the participants as a collective individuals by drawing up a vision, outlining possibilities that are usually outside the norm, but not beyond the group comprehension. The challenge is for the participants to take one step outside of their self imposed comfort zone on all levels, wherever they might be, to be liberated.

I also enjoy the ongoing support from Dr Sahi if I need her advice and clarification after the workshop. Every time I get in contact, face to face, telephone or email, she provides me with guidance, inspiration, and of course a friendly chat.

On the first day before the workshop started, all participants were giving the ph strip to test their levels, my result was 6.75. To my pleasant surprise, in just two days the result was risen to between 7.25 to 7.5, which is in the band of optimum health. My satisfaction does come with a scientific proof – for the sceptics out there.

– Pearl from London, UK

The biofacelift has been a great experience for me. The whole process has redefined my concept of beauty. For me beauty and rejuvenation was just like a never-ending war against the wrinkles on my face. But after having had 8 biofacelift sessions with Dr. Sangeeta my perception regarding beauty has totally changed. It is the reflection of your inner beauty that gives you youth, shine, glamour and most importantly authenticity. What I realized is “having chemical interventions to remove the signs of aging also removes your natural look and uniqueness where your original beauty comes from”.

I am not only physically but also mentally very much satisfied with the outcome of the therapy and recommend it to everyone who is looking for a natural and holistic method for rejuvenation.

– Aysegul from Istanbul, Turkey

When I first met Dr Sahi, I was quite surprised finding such wise soul in such a young, beautiful ..so grounded and Earthy Lady.

Self discovering and opening your private life to changes is something very delicate. That`s why the guidance of the right guide is so important. As everything else;` help` also comes when you’re ready for it, from `the one` you need.

She helped me to get over my unhealthy situation, which our traditional medicine couldn’t resolve.

Now more balanced, I don’t have my physical pain anymore..I feel more compassionate and powerful, I know I’m closer to a full emotional commitment, to my goals and ideals and not on the last place,I have this great friendship of hers!

I am inspired by her style of making seem everything effortless and easy. With her help, facing unresolved issues like loss and emotional baggage, fear of intimacy or denial of vulnerability..Health,happpiness and success becomes the most natural things on this world.

These teachings and sessions definitely will change your life for the better. If you’re dealing with a health issue or you’re spending too much time in thoughts/emotions use your time wisely and don’t hesitate to ask for her upper hand.

You’ll become more about, into and for this life ..and it’s love. When you least expect it, you find yourself happy again.

Unify and remain fulfilled.

Sangeeta, million thank yous for your Existence:)

– Suzanna, Bulgaria

Genuine Teenagers

Dear parents and friends…
As you know, the young generation, especially the ones who seem to be wiser and disagree on the existing systems, are very different and unique. Some are very rebellious and forge their own path, not taking in to consideration what others think or say, some are more adaptive and can live within the rules of our society, some are lost within themselvesand do not know what to do with their present lives or future, some have a few of these characteristics and perhaps others have none. Whatever the case, teenagers are open to learning, to evolve and the only thing they actually need is ; guidance.

I found out, that the guidance that these young men and women need are not towards their future, what they do or even what they will be doing in years from now ; the first place they have to explore is the place which houses the keys to happiness, health, wealth and success and it lies right within themselves and they need to be guided there. For that is the only place where one stores all the obstacles of life. This guidance, however, is not to lay a pathway in front of them and dictate, it is to offer objective knowledge and motivate them to find out their own route in the journey of life.

By attending this course with Dr. Sangeeta Sahi, teenagers can learn to master their own lives, through learning how to express their true feelings, emotions… They will understand how to shift their consciousness to a much higher level and tap in to much deeper parts of their Essence. Most importantly, they will master how to manifest their wishes, weather it may be ; opportunity, money, love, education…etc without any boundaries…

I am a teenager, born in 1990. I attended a lot of Sangeeta’s workshops as well as working with her individually. The two most important things that I would strongly want point out about the course is, that while learning, one’s channels open up and when a person is ready to shift, all their fears are released. Confronting and overcoming fears and integrating them may be a challenge for some but by the end, that persons life becomes much more meaningful and effortless.

Times are changing, people are changing, energies are changing, shifting, evolving. The time of thinking, dreaming or doing is over. Now is a time to just “be”… We become our thoughts, words and actions… When one is aware of the power within themselves, one reaches a stage of effortless being…. That is when one becomes a genuine human being.

– Emrecan Pirinçcioglu

I have recently attended Sangeeta’s course, Body Nourishment – Living in the Realm of the Fifth and Higher Dimensions. It’s really not all that easy to explain, because it covers a dimension that we as humans are not used to living in this day and age. We did, thousands of years ago, but we have forgotten… It was an absolutely amazing experience. Of all of Sangeeta’s courses I’ve attended, this has been the most profound.

The fifth dimension is the dimension that we as a planet are moving into energetically. It is the dimension of Oneness, non-duality and connectedness to all other beings and galaxies exist. It feels very light. It is a world beyond space and time, fear and worries; these are all left back in the lower dimensions. Food and drink is not required here as it is produced energetically. This is the dimension for group energy, and it is essential to be balanced. Many of us even come from or have experienced lives, or times in our lives in this dimension, in some shape or form. We are slowly remembering, and piecing together the jigsaw… and there is still more to come…

Sangeeta is a very special, highly evolved teacher in this time. She teaches a bit about healing, and a LOT about Evolution. I am honoured that our paths have crossed.

The workshop consisted of teachings and exercises, to deepen our understanding of and to integrate these new changes. It gave the group the tools and the opportunity to create body nourishment for the coming changes, plus a few relevant downloads that we have become used to during the theta courses. Sangeeta has a special gift for addressing the issues of her students. Initially the group was horrified to discover we don’t need food in the fifth dimension … and along came all the usual 3rd & 4th dimensional feelings of devastation and disappointment from the group. ‘Well, it tastes nice, we enjoy food, we need food to live, it’s a sociable thing’, etc. Which of course, are true, in our dimensions. I must say that I was surprisingly not surprised, that although I have a healthy appetite at the best of times, I was somewhat relieved to discover this, on one level. This may be because, even though I may not have completely woken up to or integrated it all it yet, already spent a fair bit of time in the fifth dimension… and I am just remembering.

During the first day of the workshop we covered a lot of theory but also did some exercises. We did manifestation drawings/breathing exercises to improve our lives and bring in what we need. We also did body scans to look for balance and solar systems; and we asked which minerals the body lacked and what we needed to create them.

On the second day there was a lot of information about minerals were many more exercises. We paired up and did more body scans, checked out the different types of minerals and downloaded the ones that the body needed. Most of us experienced amazing visuals and sensations during these exercises. The last exercise before the close of the day was to witness the integration of every cell with the essence spiritual energies of the 5th dimension… Beautiful. After this, manifesting what you REALLY want to manifest and a short meditation to set you on your way.

I have found that with the necessary minerals, life has become easier, I’m not so hungry and ‘food’ is merely a habit of our everyday existence… This is definitely a course to attend if you want inspiration, and put your body’s willpower and utmost balance back into the driving seat of your soul…

My life has improved tremendously since the course, and continues to improve. I’m up for another one when it comes along…

Peterborough, UK

I have been working with Sangeeta for several months and as well as thoroughly enjoying our weekly sessions, have found clarity of purpose and a new focus on the direction my life is heading.

Sangeeta is very adept at reading the underlying story and assisting in putting in place methods by which we can truly follow the path the universe has prepared for us.

The time I have spent with her has been life changing for me and my family as a result and I am truly thankful!

Lake Tahoe, USA

I was reading the book, “Connected to Goodness, Manifesting Everything You Desire in Business and Life”, by David Meltzer. He notes how synchronistically on a plane he meets Dr Sangeeta Sahi and how studying with her accelerated his life’s journey. I immediately knew that I had to experience this.

I emailed and then was able to connect with Sangeeta in her Mentorship Program.

It has been life changing for me in 12 weeks. Her ability to tap into the universal consciousness is amazing. She has 4 generations of experience as well as her own educational journey to combine the best of the current medical knowledge and ancient secrets from healers that she has studied with.

She takes complex information and breaks it down into simple pieces or steps that one takes on a journey for self-transformation. Life is finding Balance and Thriving not just Surviving in the current world that we live in. She is able to teach one a simple meditation that connects one to self and then daily setting a tone that creates more consistent harmony in one’s life-personal, family, business, friends and universal. She can share and teach how current events in one’s life are able to be more in synchronicity and flowing to achieve success in your daily life.

She has assisted me in improving every phase of my life.

I am so very “Thankful”.

Katy, Texas

“Dr. Sahi (Sangeeta), was recommended to me by a board member at our company. I believe he described his treatment experience with her as “life changing”, and it is.

Right from her first session with me, I could feel it. I could feel Sangeeta’s energy, and her ability to help me express what needed to come out and to be worked on was surprising. Over the years, I have worked with other doctors and therapists for my anxiety. We would always get to a point where the anxiety was diagnosed and somewhat quelled; yet I never felt like the anxiety was managed, and it wasn’t.

During my time working with Sangeeta, I was launching a company, had moved to another state, and encountered many of the other stuff life often throws at you, such as family and financial issues. It was one the most anxious times of my life, and I was having a very difficult time. We spoke weekly, and it was invaluable. Her meditation direction alone was as life changing as it was life saving. I have tried guided meditation several times in the past without nearly as much calm, peacefulness, and personal insight as I achieved with Dr. Sahi. Her meditation techniques are now a very welcomed and necessary part of my daily health.

I learned a great deal about myself and not just about anxiety (as with previous treatments). That knowledge about who I am lead to how I can function and, most importantly, it helped me to finally manage my anxiety. Also, it’s very important for me to mention, that although she was not specifically treating me for any ailments, I experienced exceptional pain relief. I have suffered from chronic back pain for decades, and this is longest period without pain that I have ever had.

Overall, the outcome of my experience with her seems surreal. All of my life, I have done things and achieved success out of fear and with much anxiety and worry, which has been exhausting and scary at times. Now, it’s as if there was a barrier in the way of calm and a life with significantly less fear that I have broken through and am now on the other side of it feeling a new me.

Thank you, Sangeeta.

Marc Connors

San Francisco, CA, USA