Hello my dear friends,
The mechanics of Gratitude

The energy of Gratitude is spreading miraculously throughout communities across the globe.
It’s time!

People ask me, is gratitude an intention with positive or negative outcomes?
It seems a peculiar question on the face of it, but when we dig a little deeper, it’s an important thought.

In my understanding, Gratitude is far more than a feeling, it’s a combination of forces, which in their essence have a magnetic quality.
Gratitude encompasses awareness, acknowledgement, focus, direction. And, of course the intention of Oneness and Equality!

So why would Gratitude have a negative impact?
In the bigger picture it doesn’t.
However, I know from experience, when we feel something as powerful and graceful as Gratitude, then we feel and become more positive and more energised.
Any negativities in our environment or in the people around us become more magnetised towards that which is more positive in nature, US!
So we attract negativity, as we become more and more positive.
This feeling is transient!

We can overcome temporary heaviness in our bodies and moods by being even more grateful and more joyful and more forgiving.
Like water off a duck’s back!
I believe it’s the Universe’s way of telling us how far we’ve come and how powerful we truly are.

We must remember consciously, that everyone and every situation we encounter is supporting us to appreciate who we are and who everyone else is.
We are magnificent beings supporting each other to live an abundant and fulfilling life, whatever the odds.
There are no adversities, no challenges, only little bumps in the road, making sure that we’re following the right direction.

This direction is the direction of health and light,
We need to remember that our only goal in every moment is joy in serenity!
When we become heavy or sad, let’s become silent and breathe into our abdomen and thank Life for reminding us that we are alive and that we have the ability to feel joy!

There are, of course, a variety of herbs and homeopathic, natural remedies to help overcome heavy moods and sadness.
Email me at drsangeetasahi@gmail.com for an appointment to find the right ones for you.

Here’s to our increasing joy and vitality!

Dr Sangeeta Sahi