Hello my dear friends,
What is Thriving?
According to the dictionary definition, thriving is to grow strong and vigorously, to prosper.

How can we thrive in changing and unknown times?

I’ve observed, over the years, that my own mind is magnetically drawn to negative memories far more easily than to positive ones.

We seem to have an inbuilt system which draws us to imprints from the past which have an intensity.
It’s usually negative imprints that have a stronger intensity than positive imprints or memories.
Our biological system makes sure that it can protect and defend itself by keeping these negative imprints active.
It needs these imprints to make sure we stay healthy and in control of ourselves and our environments.

This system works up to a point.
If these protective mechanisms dominate our lives, then we physically become fearful of change.
Our systems are integrally designed for adaptation and thriving also.

I had a discussion with a colleague yesterday, and we both realised that if we didn’t know about something, i.e. we didn’t know that something existed, then we couldn’t imagine or think about doing it, or participating in that activity/project.
If we didn’t know that our solar system exists, then we couldn’t find ways of visiting our neighbouring planets.

Our bodies work in the exact same way. We know what optimal health feels like, so we need to imagine and feel AS IF we are in optimal health.
This imagining, to ultimately become real, has to become almost, like a gentle ritual.
This ritual is a discipline, not a controlling egotistical process. Control brings us back into fear.

Fear magnetises negative imprints.
The opposite of fear is love.

Every spiritual teacher I’ve ever met, always said God is Love.
I knew that to be true, but it’s only recently, that I realised it.


The nucleus of every atom in the Cosmos vibrates at the same frequency as Love.
It’s this frequency that holds all the nuclei of all the atoms together which creates our physical universe and, of course ourselves.

Negative memories and emotions are also held together by love.
God loves Us so unconditionally as a creative mechanism, that it allows us to experience fear as long as we need or choose to. That’s the universal principle of free will in action.

Once we decide we’re ready to have a different experience, then we choose that and the mechanism works for us to help us have that experience.

These experiences and processes allow us to understand our own unique Divinity in action.
It begins with imagining- imagine what and how you want to be.
Draw, paint, dance, live that picture of yourself and your body.
And that picture automatically guides us to our becoming it.
One day, very quickly we wake up and we are it!

It doesn’t take time, but it takes faith, commitment and patience.

For me, Science and Spirituality are joined, we cannot have learning without knowing. We need to know something exists before we can experience it.
This knowing is about knowing who we are, as a whole, not just universal particles.
Atoms know that they need to bind together in order to exist as whole systems. They also know when it’s time for those systems to be upgraded, evolved, to work more efficiently.

If we want our bodies and our lives to function more efficiently, to be in tandem with our evolving planet and universe, then we need to fall in love with an upgraded version of ourselves. And allow the magic to happen.

We need to dream, to imagine, without holding on to those dreams too tightly, so we don’t control the process. We need to only allow.
This is what the Ancients called, Being rather than Doing!

The Universe works for Us as we allow it to, as we have always allowed it to.

So fear holds in place our existing experiences, and joyful imagination and trust allows us to experience a more delightful, thriving version of ourselves.

Let’s dissolve our own neuroses and limitations, only we can!
Let’s thrive together!

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Here’s to our increasing joy and vitality!

Dr Sangeeta Sahi