Universal Integration

The Alpha and the Omega
The Alpha channel extends into the Omega channel as a single continuum. The Alpha channel was first over Tibet, then as the Earth rotated at a 23 degree angle the Alpha channel moved over the pyramids in Egypt. As the Earth rotated again the channel moved over the Middle East, Palestine and Israel. And now it is over Anatolian Turkey. This is a Divine Plan set up by the Cosmic System.

The Alpha channel is divided, for the purpose of human understanding into many dimensions, and these dimensions are made up of different frequencies of ‘Light’. These frequencies evolve our consciousness. The Alpha energies are reflected in all the Sacred Books of every religion.

These energies are positive in nature. They attract the negative energies to purify and cleanse. They allow our personality and our Essence to be purified, dissolving all negativities.

The dimensions of Duality (concepts of good and evil) exist for Humanity to evolve as a Mass Consciousness. This evolution happens through Knowledge. Knowledge of Truth is the eternal ‘Light’. This Knowledge of Truth merges with our Essence, purifies our Essence, expands our Essence, and is transmitted into the layers of our Mind, and we evolve in our Consciousness. Once we have evolved to a Neutral point, where, even if we are surrounded by negativities, no negative thoughts affect us. We have integrated the Knowledge of the Sacred Books and transcended the Religious Dimensions. We are ready then to enter the Omega Channel.

The final boundary of the alpha energies is the 7th dimension. The alpha energies are received from the vortex in the crown of the head and are integrated in the physical cells of our body, and are then reflected to our environment. Alpha energies reflect from Being to Being, Being to Animal, Being to Plant through the reflection of the physical cells. Their nature is Love. Beyond the 7th dimension are the energies of Beta and Omega. These energies are accumulated and stored in the physical cells. These Beta energies restructure and regenerate our physical body.

The aim of this course is to crystallize the Essence of the Religious Dimensions, transcend duality and come into the Beta energies of the Cosmic Age as an Integrated Whole. We will integrate the Truth communicated in their teachings and evolve our consciousness to the Omega Dimensions. We’ll be revisiting the Ancient Sacred traditions and assimilate what they were teaching Humanity and exploring the Pagan and Shamanic paths, including the dimensions of the Gods and Goddesses. We’ll integrate the frequencies of the Universal Laws most appropriate for us at the time, with special attention on the Universal Law of Acceptance and the Universal Law of Reflection.

In this course we will explore the programs of the following dimensions:

bulletIntroduction of Symbolism as a tool for Evolution

bulletThe Atlanta and the 18 Systems Law

bulletThe Atlantis and Lemurian Civilizations

bullet The Shamanic Dimensions

bullet The Age of Tibet

bullet The Age of Moses

bullet The Age of Jesus Christ and Mohammed

bullet The Age of Technology

bullet The Golden Age