Hello my dear friends,

One of the speakers at a conference I recently attended reminded me about the vital importance of Water.

Most of us are aware, that we need to drink at least a litre and a half of healthily sourced water every day.
I believe most of us follow that rule, to keep our bodies and minds hydrated.
But are we consciously aware that water is a dynamic, living structure which directly reflects our thoughts and feelings constantly?

Dr Masaru Emoto from Yokohama, Japan, with his creative experiments on water crystals, showed that distilled water carries our thoughts and intents, and signals our cells to align with our thoughts at that moment in time.

Not only that, but the water used to cook our food carries our thoughts at the moment we are cooking, to the food itself.
These “messages” signal our body’s cells to behave in a certain way and produce chemicals, in alignment with our thoughts.

We know that nature aligns directly with the universe, so the food we eat determines, to a great extent, our health and well being.

What if we “downloaded” the water we drink constantly with a prayer of joy, gratitude, love, peace, inspiration, abundance?
I know these qualities are dynamic, alive and conscious. They respond to us as we consciously respond to them.

Why not experiment with this model? Every time you drink or cook with water, “message” the water with whatever quality you choose to experience in your life.
See how you feel and how your life responds after one week.

Let me know. I would love to learn about the outcomes of your experiment.
We are our own living experiment in this journey of life.

To our health and happiness!