Hello my dear friends,
What’s your worth?

Yesterday, I was asked, Dr Sangeeta, what’s your net worth?

I went through the levels: material and emotional in my heart, and quickly realised, my worth depends, not on what or how I feel about myself, but, essentially, about how other people think/feel about me.

People, pets, my garden, my house, will value my worth, 
based upon my connection with them.
And it’s not just the connection but the quality of that connection, that has value.

What is it worth for my family, friends, clients, patients, pets, bank, organisations etc, to have me be a part of their existence?
Is my existence an integral part of their life?

Who can answer that?
Only me. In order for me to be an intrinsic part of their life, they have to be an intrinsic part of mine.
That’s when we really connect together and feel secure and comfortable.

How many of us feel secure within our nucleus?
Did we feel secure and comfortable with our parents? With our children?
Are we an intrinsic part of their ives? And are they an intrinsic part of ours?
How do they see our net worth?

How are these questions relevant to our health?

Every cell is built around a central nucleus. The nucleus carries within it, the “computational” data which is transmitted to every other cell in the body.
This data are the instructions for a cell to build appropriate infrastructure for functionality, synthesis and collaboration within and outside of the body.

If the nucleus of a cell is compromised, then when the cell multiplies it will reproduce the same compromised data, over and over.
This state can be overridden by the cell nucleus being exposed to different data which can activate a alternative set of

This exposure is initiated through connection.

The more connections a cell has with other cells, the more organised and sophisticated its functioning capacity.   
The more connections a cell has, the more valuable it becomes as an integral functioning unit. But these connections need to be sustainable and healthy, giving out strong signals.

And, the same is with the connections in our life.
Healthy, strong, intrinsic connections develop exponentially.
Weak connections disintegrate over time.

Long story, short, I realised clearly, my net worth was based upon the quality of my connections.
I mean connections, and not networks!

What’s your net worth?   

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Here’s to our increasing joy and vitality!

Dr Sangeeta Sahi