Hello my dear friends,
This week I’ve had several discussions with different groups of people separately about the food we eat and how it affects our lives.
The groups consisted of nutritionists, doctors, therapists, and artists, so a mixed group.
Across the board, everyone was convinced that the food we eat affects our health and moods and the decisions we make in our lives.
On the face of it, this seems logical.

However, if you ponder a little deeper, it’s not the whole story.

What influences our food choices?
Cultural habits? Familiar tastes? Connection? Social acceptability? Advertising? Accessibility and Availability? Expert advice?
Of course, it’s all of the above and more….Ultimately, it comes down to conditioning.
External and Self Conditioning.

How many of us choose what to eat from a place of pure need or from a place of pure, unadulterated desire?

Pure Need and Pure Desire, actually inhabit the same space.

Because they are Pure.
No conditionings, no limitations, no negotiations, no compromises.
And no justifications and no judgements!

In this space of purity, we are able to become one with what we eat.
When we truly become one with what we eat, then there is no pattern or imprint created.
We are in the moment enjoying what we eat, and our body, its cells, and our souls are satisfied.

In that moment of pure unity and harmony with our food; emotions, thoughts and biochemistry align, and together they experience the wholeness of life.

This whole experience is complete, in itself, therefore, it does not leave a karmic footprint, to be completed in the future.

I’ve found it useful to keep a food diary, not for measuring or supervising what I eat, but for observing what foods I’m attracted to at different times.

If we can manage to keep an honest and true food diary over a year, then it’s a powerful tool to get to know the eating patterns we follow throughout changing seasons and changing environments.

This food diary reflects back to us our responses to our environments.
It becomes another form of meditation.

Through this recording process, we can make conscious changes based on individual needs and desires and curiosities, rather than through external advertising or even expert advice.

It’s another way of getting to know ourselves better.
Our wholeness thrives on real life experiences, and not on theoretical concepts alone.

I welcome your thoughts, and share this message with your friends and family.
Let’s thrive together!

Here’s to our increasing joy and vitality!

Dr Sangeeta Sahi